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10/30/2010 | tim
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New Facebook App for SailBlogs
08/21/2010, SailBlogs HQ

We're pleased to announce that the new SailBlogs app for Facebook is now available for SailBlogs members. Called SailBlogsLink, this app provides a connection between your SailBlogs account and your Facebook wall.

Initially, the purpose of this app is to allow your blog posts to automatically appear on your Facebook wall immediately. Other features can be added based on member's feedback.

Up until today, a lot of members connected their sailblog to their Facebook wall via the RSS feed. This was a less than ideal solution as sometimes Facebook would skip entries or not load the RSS feed at all, and of it did load the feed it was often delayed by hours or days. This application will solve all of that and provide a basis for more integration of the two platforms.

To connect your sailblog to Facebook, log into the SailBlogs Admin and click the "Connect With Facebook" button at the top right of the admin Welcome page. There is also a link under the bottom to get more information about the Facebook Permissions the SailBlogsLink app requires in order to properly post information to your wall.

If you had previously been using the RSS feed and switch to the app, its probably a good idea to disable this by going to the application settings for Notes and remove the RSS feed link.

We hope this helps users of both systems keep friends and family informed of your sailing adventures.

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09/04/2010 | Martha Warner
Well, the RSS feed isn't working for me any more. Don't know if it is a FB problem, or a SB issue, but the teaser post shows up in notes, but when clicking to get the rest of the post, a window pops up and says the link is broken. Have disabled RSS. Tried this new connect, but had to manually click on "share with FB" to get the post to appear. Now if I were to get the RSS to import properly again (low expectations) would that put duplicate posts on my wall? I don't mind waitng a day to get the RSS to post on FB wall/notes. Having it stay in notes was a plus for my followers. Wish it would work properly again.

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