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facebook graph 3.1 test

testing an upgrade of the facebook codebase.

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vimeo test


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facebook test, with image

another test with image

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youtube test 2

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New YouTube embed code

testing new youtube embed code that should allow videos to play on an ipad when viewing a blog.

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Template tweaks

We've made some minor updates to the main templates this past week, here are the changes:

1. Added larger social icons (see the screenshot above). Sometimes the RSS link was getting lost in the header, so we changed to larger, square icons.

In addition, there are two new blog properties, for Facebook Link and Twitter Link. Under the PROPERTIES tab of the blog manager, you can add links to your Facebook page or Twitter feed. The icons will automatically appear in the header.

2. Wider layout: we have expanded the width of the main blog area to 960 pixels for better reading on modern devices.

3. Improved ad layout. We had to ditch the column ad at the upper right, and we've gone to a more standard shape in the side column. Advertisers we're requesting this and this change will help SailBlogs appeal to a wide variety of possible ad clients which in turn allows us to continue to offer free accounts.

Thanks for the continued support!

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06/20/2011 | tim harincar
test comment
06/21/2011 |
06/21/2011 | tim
this is a tim test
06/21/2011 | tim harincar
another logged in test
06/21/2011 | tim harincar
this is a protpl test
06/21/2011 | tim
a not logged in test protpl
06/23/2011 | tim harincar
this is a notifier comment
06/23/2011 | tim harincar
automatic comment notification
08/27/2011 | tim harincar
this is a test
08/27/2011 | tim harincar
another comment

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