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Day 20
24 August 2011 | North West Pacific
Only four miles off Cape Flattery. It's 7 am and the fog has totally enveloped us with visibility of less than 50m. Lots of shipping and what must be the entire fishing fleet is out and about, keeping us on our toes and me in front of the radar. Its weird arriving on a distant shore after 2500 miles and not being able to see it. Once we round the cape then its 6 miles down the strait to Neah Bay where we intend refuelling and berthing overnight. There is a small commercial harbour which is located on an Indian reservation on the US side of Juan De Fuca Strait. Sounds like an interesting stop as there is an archaeological site of an ancient Indian village buried by a mudslide prior to contact with whites. There is a wager as to who will be the first to spot North America! so I better get up on deck. ASHLEY
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