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Trinidad to Turkey 2012
Bye Bye Cape Town
10/30/2010, Cape Town

For the last time ...for a long time to come...I had the longest hot shower since we came on is amazing that I never felt the urge until this morning when I realised...this is it...we will have to be careful with fresh spite of the water maker....

Thanks to all the well wishes for fair winds and calm seas...that is exactly how we started!! Great site that we leave behind...and I must say...I liked the idea that Yvonne had last just stay in the Marina for another 2 years and do the little day sails...that way we can all have some fun...enjoying each other's off times and I will not get no nausea or sea legs that can bother me....

We are fueled up and on the way out...we met by 3 amazing whales...the last of the Capetonians to wave us Bon Voyage...such a thrilling experience has to be a good sign of what's to come!

Ok...I am sitting in the cockpit doing this blog and updating the website...and although I have beautiful Cape Town still in site...the rolling waters are still not exactly great for the stomach! I am supposed to look at the if you think I am a bad speller/typist...not true - I have my eyes on Table Mountain to prevent keyboard spills!

The days to come will be my crash course in many aspects of yachting and sailing....and I am sure also in how to stay unfazed by big voices that shouts orders....and I will learn....and I will get it right...! Nothing beats trying!!!

10/30/2010 | Erna
I am shure you will get it right,you're a fast learner.Geniet.
10/30/2010 | adele de Villiers
Hi Henriette - being thinking of you all morning. The wind is stronger now so hoping all is well with you - I am living this wonderful adventure through you so keep me us up to date - you are a wonderful communicator so I am sure that I will not be missing out on anything - have a wonderful time
10/30/2010 | Lientjie'r now far away from cape, town, the last 3 sms's were a big surprise.....thanx for that......keep looking at the horizon....otherwise....feed the u so much....
10/30/2010 | Jayne
Well you have started your adventure. Tony and I wish you a safe and exciting trip and we will monitoring your progress. God bless your trip. Lots of love Jayne
10/30/2010 | Marinda
Johan & Henriette, mag die seereis baie verspoedig gaan. Dit is baie opwindend! Ek sal jul getrou volg oor die see...
10/30/2010 | yvonne
Enjoy!! Will keep in touch. Had Willem And Sophia here and all felt a bit sad that you have left, but our wish for you is that you have one big wonderful adventure. See you next year!
10/31/2010 | Beth's wishing you the voyage of a lifetime !!! Was so awesome to see you. Take care my wonderful Brother you dearly xxxxx Paulz and Nats send hugs and kisses xxxxx
10/31/2010 | Raechel Guilbert
Safe trip my Jabu! Can't wait to see you when you get back! Have a great adventure! Talk to you soon!

Love you lots and lots
Love Raechel xxx
10/31/2010 | Diane
Hi to all our sailors. Hope the wind is being kind enough that the fishermen can have all their "rappies" out!!!! Tight lines and fair seas. Lots of love to you all. Diane. x
10/31/2010 | lientjie
Hi....can't find u on Google Earth.....or satelite phone....just wondering where u are ??want to keep an eye on u're guys !! hehehe....please help me with this...
11/04/2010 | CVN
Johann, Henriette, Sterkte hoop als gaan goed. Lyk my bote is veiliger as Quantas. Hoop julle het genoeg leesstof.
11/05/2010 | Erna
Hi Johann en Henriette,wonder waar julle is.Het vanaand 'n Gemsbok fillet gaargemaak daar uit Kamanjab se wereld en dink sommer aan julle.Laat weet waar julle is en hoe vorder die seereis.Dit gaan goed met ons,Demus bietjie grieperig,maar ons kla nie.
11/07/2010 | Trisha
OMG...Heneritte, hope u have found your sea legs...that is the most horrible now I am sure u r getting into the swing of there any fishing on the boat again yet? Just loving the pics...take care, cheers Trisha
Gennekar went up for the first time
10/24/2010, CT

With very little drama did we get the beautiful Gennekar to fly in light winds!!

Short cruz with family and friends
10/16/2010, Between Cape Town and Robbin Island

We are getting closer to the point of saying goodbye to friends and family before our departure....and every meeting or Cruz is as if this is the last one together....Next week will be the formal christening of Scolamanzi and the final good bye to more friends! then Ben would have join us (our 4th and last cue member!) and we can start to focus on the trip ahead!
We are in the mean time enjoy the lovely bays around Cape Town....for a little while longer!
This time it will be a brunch with a backdrop to die for! Great weather, light winds and fabulous people to make the mix just perfect!!...can't wait for the next one!! Bring it on!

10/20/2010 | Lientjie
aai my hart sommer seer as ek na die foto's kyk.....ongelooflike tydjie en ondervinding gewees.......thanx a lot for a wonderful time together, it was so nice .....enjoy every moment....will join you in 2012 !! lots of love...
11/01/2010 | Ouma Rosemarie
Hope everything is 100%. Missing you already, counting the days to mid-December. Have fun!! Lots of love to all.
11/01/2010 | Robert & Tineke Vrind
Wishing you all a safe passage and great sailing. Do update your position (on the website) please Jonkie, or we will believe your are still talking to the Heidi's at the V &A beerfest! The Oz vrinds from rainy Whitsundays
11/03/2010 | rob
Hey Jonkie, are you on board? No mention of you. Assuming you are we hope the trip is plain sailing, if anyone can get Scolamanzi there it's you.Keep in touch. Rob
11/12/2010 | Tony Crews
Just following your blog as Lientjie posted a note on Fundi Sailing saying she had family starting off on their blue water adventure but hadn't heard from you yet. Live your dream! I have spent a fair amout of time blue water cruising and envy working on my Leopard 46 (Skabenga) which the Moorings is chartering in Belize. Will be down there in Dec for 10 days. If you have a chance stop in Ilha Fernando de Naronha just off the coast of Brazil near's beautiful and not too commercial. May you be blessed with fair winds!
12/04/2010 | Johan Badie
Haai julle,
Klink en lyk of dit baie lekker is.Hoop julle almal is 100%.Geniet die oneindige stukke water en dink aan ons wat werk. Ons verlang

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Trinidad to Turkey 2012
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