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Trinidad to Turkey 2012
Grenada too interesting to do in one blog!
12/13/2010, Grenada - St George

I have opted to do Grenada in sections on the Website ( rather than trying to discuss all of our amazing experiences on the blog! So please go the website and have a brows through the latest updates!
And I will certainly keep it up either on the Website or on the blog (if no broadband internet is available) !
Make sure that you read the captions! I really think Grenada is a gem of a place worth visiting every year!! ;-) :-)

12/14/2010 | Tony & Jayne
Seems you are having an amazing trip, it's going to
be a sad day to leave the boat behind. Ben I am very keen to hear about your experiences on board.
Absorb all you can
12/16/2010 | Badies van Windhoek
Haai julle,dit lyk pragtig..veral die fotos van
al die lekker soorte visse wat op pad gevang
was. Daar sou ek kon lewe...laat waai met nog
fotos...dit maak dat ons almal wil aansluit op
'n stadium. Geniet dit en hou ons op hoogte.
12/22/2010 | Chris VN

geseende kersfees.

Geniet die tyd dit lyk lekker.


Grenada - The Isle of Spices
12/10/2010, Grenada - Caribbean

Grenada, a spectacularly beautiful island, has lush green mountains, golden beaches and Restaurants all along the water's edge where you can tie your dinghy up right in front of the restaurant! The typical Reggae music is everywhere and the streets are steep ups and downs with a buzz of cars (and heaps of them for an island!) and traders and people!
Grenada has a very rich and lively history of wars and revolutions and independence in 1974 and then a coup in 1975 by Maurice Bishop who tried to run it at a socialist state - he ended up in jail in 1983, was freed by the crowd to be executed by the army in this fort (Fort St George) we've been visiting today! 1983! It was only the other day! Whaoow!
The Grenadians are warm and friendly and extremely helpful people! We had dinner last night at BB's (there are a few weird and wonderful restaurant NAMES - Horni Baboon, Dodgy Dock, Pirates Cove, De Big Fish, Bananas, The Nutmeg...etc) where we had Crabback and Conch (shellfish) and the honour to meet the Chef Brian Benjamin! What a character! He used to have a very famous restaurant in England (Ealing) and came back here a few years ago to open this fabulous restaurant with international renown -even mentioned in Time Magazine!- "My brother - he is good Man! Nothing served here was not still swimming this morning, Man!" It was great fun!!
Tomorrow we will be going on a tour of the island to the organic chocolate factory and the Nutmeg factory and waterfalls and fish markets! Will tell you all about that - got to get ready before the colourful Martin alia The Yellow Man alias Cat-Eye is picking us up "sharp" at 8am (which in Grenada it is sort of somewhere early in the morning before lunch!)

12/10/2010 | lientjie
hi hi...klink te lekker....wens ek kon daar wees.....lief julle...enjoy elke oomblik....hmmm the choclate factory sounds like fun.....
12/12/2010 | Die Badies van Windhoek
Hel, dit klink lekker..veral die klomp klein
restaurantjies meb ek glo die lekkerste seekos. Geniet en laat waai met die fotos van die omgewing....dit laat ons voel ons is daar.
Trinidad our first landfall in the Caribbean
12/08/2010, Trinidad - Chaguaramas Bay

We made it!! Hallelujah! And I mean it!! The last few nights made me pray even more often than when the kids were busy with their final exams!
Trinidad is amazing - well - you will probably get sick of this cliché but that is all so new and surprisingly different to what I have expected it to be.
This third world place is absolutely striving for first world services in every aspect of the sailing business. You can get just about EVERYTHING done right here in Chaguaramas! The high quality of the brochure of the town and surroundings is an indication of the sincerity of their attempts to please visitors!
They are friendly and have quite a different accent - it takes a good ear to know where they are heading with a tail! Ha!
We will only spend one day and one morning here - we need to be out of here by 11am and I have loads of washing to do!!! So...
Johann and I will be back for sure!!! This place is where Scolamanzi will stay in shelter for the 6 months during the hurricane season! So we will be seeing Trini again!
More news later!...

Trinidad and Tobago
12/08/2010 | lientjie
Hi hi....miss you'r guys....enjoy every moment....wich I can join u on the Scolamanzi.....oooo the pic are nice 2 ....u 2 still smiling...!!!! love u lots...
12/08/2010 | Marinda
Plain sailing - jul doen dit met gemak! Bly jul is almal veilig.
12/08/2010 | Martie-Louise Hunlun
Julle lyk geluksalig!
12/08/2010 | Erna
Julle 2 lyk goed na al julle ondervinding in 'n kort tydjie.Het Strandhuis gaan skoon maak vandag...vir my huurders!!Ek bly tuis hierdie jaar.Geniet elke oomblik in Trinidad...moenie te hard werk nie.
12/08/2010 | Adele de Villiers
Hi - just been reading your blog. Sounds exciting and yet very scary. Happy that you are safe and enjoying your adventure. Will keep reading.....
12/09/2010 | Laura
I want to know who that teenager is hanging off of Johann. Wait till Henriette gets hold of her! You guys look so relaxed and happy. Lovely to see. L x x x
12/12/2010 | Hatta
Hi julle 4 - baie bly julle is veilig!! Ons hete geweet hierdie kant totdat ons geweet het julle stap aan wal. Geniet en ons gesles weer!! enjoy until next imte.

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Trinidad to Turkey 2012
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