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Trinidad to Turkey 2012
When things go wrong...
Henriette / Stormy inside me and overcast outside
01/20/2011, Between Rodney Bay and Fort de France

When things go wrong - they invite more wrong things to join the party!

We left Rodney Bay with the worrying fact that we will have to come back in order to pick up parts for the wind indicator. Worrying because we will need to get new visas - and for that we need to travel with a taxi all the way to Castries (about $US160 travelling cost and $100 for the Visas!) and face the heavy seas on the crossing twice!
A few other things started playing up that had us concerned - the deck winch was working only on and off and became very unreliable - which means that the main sail needs to be hoisted manually - and Captain J already has a tennis elbow injury from pulling up the dinghy onto the davits...because I am just not the muscles he was hoping for (in spite my effort to get myself into shape prior to the start of the trip!)

We were at this stage also without a wind indicator and the job has become mine to measure the howling winds with a handheld meter - while hanging on for dear life to the side of the boat! I could imagine me flying/flapping like a flag off the sides at times...but it did not quite get to that!...thank goodness! I was so sick of instruments letting us down that I could scream!

Well - as expected - in the midst of howling winds and big swells the deck winch refused to make any noise!... the first effort getting the mainsail up manually was no joke! It was not rigged to do it from the mast (which is much easier) and the strain showed! We had really strong winds and heavy seas going from St Lucia to Martinique and the relief was enormous to see Fort de France!

A beautiful bay and very popular too! We decided to anchor right underneath Fort St Louis - just a magic sight ...a very tight fit it will be in very strong winds...but we can do it!...if the remote control of the anchor winch is working like it normally is...but suddenly there was NO reaction from that either! no anchor winch...I needed to quickly improvise as I never needed to familiarise myself with the manual way of operating the winch! Trying and testing caused the chain to suddenly free-drop in a spot way too dangerously close to two other boats and I had no idea how to stop the massive amount of chain running free to pile up on the bottom of the see! Well Johann shouted against the wind some advice and I managed to stop the free fall! We managed at that stage still to get it up with the deck winch (a push button on the floor of the deck). Boy was I popular!!

As soon as we moved forward to a safer position, I heard Johann shouting something about "steer the boat!!!"...The anchor has not been dropped as yet...we are going to drift into the yacht next to us....I ran back to the helm station just to see Johann swimming after little Scolli (the dinghy) who was tired of being towed and tried to get away from us! About a 30 meter swim and I had Captain J back onboard...wet and out of breath...and with very wet Euro bills and a drenched wallet!! (They should get the plastic type like the Aussie dollar - that loves being washed in the washing machine and still looks a million dollars!! HA :-) !!!)

He ordered me to tie the dingy to the boat and I left the end of the painter (rope) lying in the water ( just to make it quite clear ...not on porpoise...right?) - At that stage it was crazy panic stations on board - Johann reversed quickly to get away from the other boats - and of cause the engine caught the rope and point blank died right there and then on us! Well you can just imagine how my popularity has shot up past Angelina Joli's by now!!
Ok!!!!!! For Pete's sake!!! What NEXT???
Another dive and it was free - thank God (and I mean it ...a payer was shot up immediately!!) no damage done ....we ended up anchor which time we were totally exhausted! I felt like falling into a heap and not wake up for 20 hours! We did not see much of the night ...we were both knocked out by 7.30 pm!

01/29/2011 | Martie-Louise Hunlun
Uitasem en satmoeg, net met die lees van hierdie avontuur...kan net dink hoe julle moes voel! Liefde!

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Trinidad to Turkey 2012
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