Trinidad to Turkey 2012

15 April 2012 | Soper's Hole
09 April 2012 | San Juan
08 April 2012 | Ensenada Honda - Culebra
06 April 2012 | Charlotte Amalie
30 March 2012 | Hurricane Hole, St John
25 March 2012 | Francis Bay, St John USVI
18 March 2012
17 March 2012 | Bitter End Yacht Club
15 March 2012 | Spanish Town – Virgin Gorda
09 March 2012 | Virgin Gorda, BVI
09 March 2012 | Great Camanoe Island, BVI
09 March 2012 | Cane Garden Bay - Tortola, BVI
09 March 2012 | Jost van Dyke Island, BVI
09 March 2012 | Tortola, BVI
07 March 2012 | Peter Island - White Bay and Road Town,Tortola
19 February 2012 | Peaks Yacht Services, Chaguaramas, Trinidad
19 February 2012 | Trinidad

Depaz Distillery and the Winding Road of the country side of Martinique:

26 January 2011 | Martinique
Henriette - Overcast and showers
We managed to find a hire car (they are very scarce) to do a drive and see through the countryside from the west coast all the way to the east coast and back across the inland to the Sothern part (Fort de France) and then all the way up the west coast following a wonderful winding seaside road!
Our first stop was Depaz Distillery! What a place! It is very visitor friendly with great explanations of every facet of the distillery! The estate house is a MANSION! And very European and just absolutely beautiful - The 350 year old estate and plantation was completely destroyed in the Mount Pelée volcano outburst in 1902 and was rebuilt by other members of the same family in 1924. It is absolutely fantastic well organised, clean and surrounded with beautiful gardens! I have taken many pictures and will have it on my website soon!
The country road was mind blowing pretty! It was like driving through a botanical garden with super large trees, ferns, bamboo and heliconias and anthuriums growing wild and in abundance!! Now I know why they call Martinique "Island of Flowers").
It was a fairy tale Alice in Wonderland rainforest to die for! The beauty continued just about ALL the way - that was at least 4-5 hour solid driving through this dream! Just fantastic! The wrong side of the road did tense Johann up a bit (it was my job to constantly remind him to keep right after we have stopped for a while! HaHa!...habit got us on the wrong side quite often!!)
My limited physio skills was in demand for some mayor neck and shoulder massaging when we got back at the yacht!...not my favorite pastime but a small price to pay for a great day!!
Happy that we have made the most of our stay here...we are getting ready to take on the seas leading us to Dominica!...the first of the Leeward Islands!
Vessel Name: Scolamanzi
Vessel Make/Model: Leopard 4600
Hailing Port: Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Crew: Johann Scholtz & Henriette Scholtz
Johann is owner and skipper with wife and first mate Henriette. The two of us will take Scolamanzi in February 2012 on to the BVI, Bahamas and Bermuda - where Chriso (a crew member and friend from Australia) will join us in the ARC to take her to the Azores and Portugal. [...]
Extra: We take delivery of Scolamanzi in Cape Town during September 2010. After commissioning and provisioning departure will be end of October on leg one to Trinidad for our first season in the Caribbean. 20 February 2012 : We are now on our second leg of our voyage from Trinidad to Turkey....
Scolamanzi's Photos - Main
Our first leg of the foyage
17 Photos
Created 8 December 2010
It was one hell of an effort!! But we managed to find space for all of it!! Easy !!
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Created 24 October 2010
Great sailing to test all the new features and sails of Scolamanzi
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Created 24 October 2010
Additions and fine tuning on Scolamanzi with the help of John Titterton
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Created 3 October 2010