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Trinidad to Turkey 2012
Dominica - The Nature Island
Henriette - Great weather for a change
01/28/2011, Roseau - Magic Waterfalls, Hot Sulphur Springs and Champagne Diving!

Dominica - The Nature Island
Nature and its forces are alive here - with steaming valleys, and the world's 2nd largest boiling lake, 365 rivers rushing to the sea, amazing waterfalls, national parks, lush vegetation and a UNESCO World Heritage Site! And below the sea, the clear Caribbean waters, volcanic formations and rich marine life make for exceptional diving and snorkelling!!
Roseau - the capital of the Island did not look all that impressive from our mooring...but it only takes a snorkel to check out your mooring's quality to realise that you have this crazy beautiful coral and fish life right beneath you! The water is clear and beautiful!
The encounter with the constant arguing between Poncho and Sea Cat's boatmen did not appeal to us at all and almost ruined the experience for us!
We soon discovered that the towns might look shabby and very third world...but beyond that lays breathtaking sites waiting to be explored! Remember to purchase a week pass right at the beginning - you will need to buy it at every site and it will save you a lot of money getting it right at the start ...we did not...and was not too unhappy about it it was going for a great cause - Nature reserve is obviously spending it wisely!
The first day was a great diving (for Johann) and snorkelling experience for me! This is where we met Keith ( a Canadian on holiday here). We went to Champagne ...where the sulphur springs bubble up under the water and it really looks like Champagne! Just beautiful to swim amongst huge schools of fish and bubbles all around you...with crystal clear water! I was freezing in the end (although the water is warm) from lying still for hours looking at the sea life beneath me!
As soon as we have seen the Trafalgar Falls and the Hot water Sulphur Springs (called it is really romantic and ....well...) we know that we want to see more. Screw was quite something - it is a whole development around the springs with great pool stepping from very hot pools with fantastic plants and water features and relaxing music to the colder once until you finish in the icy cold stream of water coming from the waterfall! To top your experience off - you get fresh fruit sliced and served to you...and that all for EC$10! (Aussie $4) What steel! I will have to do that again!!...
Victoria Falls was our next outing and the hike was something I have never imagined possible! You cross the river 5 times - it takes a lot of rock climbing and facing heavy streams and scary ups and downs ...but SeaCat was just magic in his support! Never attempt that without a guide!
The reward was in the swimming right underneath this majestic fall! The water was rushing down from 130 meters and causes a wind of about 25 - 30 knots! To swim across that first stretch of water - with crocs and hiking shoes on !! no joke...but we did it...and it was out of this world!
The sceneries are just too beautiful to feel the tiredness or to think about the danger!
The next 'nature" experience was lunch with a Rastafarian family at the entrance of the hiking trail! What a family! The food was great! They all live (as they do) from and in nature - vegetarian, organic and self sustained! A must to experience...if you ever have the change...stay clear of the 'medicine' can smell it everywhere!...
The Emerald pool (north of Victoria Falls) was just beautiful! Small and less majestic but still great (chilli) swimming!
It was a fabulous day - that we were fortunate to spend in great company...Aussie friends (from the yacht Orchid) Matthew, Rachael, Nic and Alexander and the US couple Roger and ? from the yacht ILene. We will see Orchid on our way again...they are going just about the same way we are!



Trinidad to Turkey 2012
Who: Johann Scholtz & Henriette Scholtz
Port: Mackay, Queensland, Australia
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