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Trinidad to Turkey 2012
Cane Garden Bay
Henriette - Great Sailing Weather
03/09/2012, Cane Garden Bay - Tortola, BVI

Cane Garden Bay is a relatively quiet dwelling with a few low key restaurants but on enormous white beach that stretches for a mile long all with deck chairs and umbrellas - we are still wondering who and how they will feed that amount of people if they think to fill those chairs!
The Captain had a interesting time dodging the feeding pelicans around the dingy dock ... they come down form 8 meters high ... diving like bombs around you just to pop out like a cork with a fish or two in this bag... I mean mouth!
This was out cheap night out - having a fabulous BBQ steak on our boat with the most amazing little town as backdrop!
We will have to go back to this lovely bay ... just absolutely special!! Cannot wait!

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Jost van Dyke Island ...lead us to Foxy's
Henriette - Sunny and beautiful weather!
03/09/2012, Jost van Dyke Island, BVI

The god of winds lead us to the next Island ... crossing over to Jost van Dyke Island ... where Foxy's live! (one of the most famous pubs and restaurant of the BVI is!) A spectacular little laid-back town hugging a lovely half-moon beach ... with friendly Rastafarians managing most of the shops and eateries.... with only 150-200 inhabitants ... it is amazing to see that it is offering restaurant seatings for far more than double that at any given night!
We had a great BBQ dinner and a live Reggae band for entertainment ...meeting more friendly Americans around a few Rum Punches! The BBQ Chicken and the BBQ Baby Back Ribs and Mahi Mahi filet with a range of veggies, salads and fruit was to die for! At $29 a head - we thought it was great entertainment .... !!!
The funniest saying of the night was from the girl that gave us the food tickets: " Remember - only one time at the line" ... meaning - you can only go once dish up as much as you hope to eat the first time round... no seconds! Ha ha ... it was a great way of putting it!
We got back aboard at a decent time after a few moments on the dance floor be ready to move as early as possible back to Tortola to Cane Garden Bay. Should make for nice sailing!

Soper's Hole
Henriette - cloudy with showers ..not hot at all!
03/09/2012, Tortola, BVI

Soper's Hole:
Our true exploration will start today...with our aim set for Soper's Hole ... a cute little bay with marshmallow pastel colour of the beautiful shops and buildings making it look like a picture from Disney World!...or even a movie set!
The amount of Americans around the place certainly emphasize that feeling! - Our main reason for coming was the Pusser's Rum Shop and Pub! And the Captain found the pants and hat he was looking forward to since we got back from the previous trip! He did not take much time as the research has been done for months where it is an exactly which pants it should be and all was done in 10 minutes flat! Out he walked with his tropical wide brimmed hat and big bag of clothes and A BOTTLE of PUSSER's RUM!!! .... he made me believe that the Rum was a gift for spending that much that fast! HaHa ... nice one Captain! Hope it is a good one! All the rest of the rum we have bought thus far is pretty foul...

This is where we were introduced to the infamous "Pain Killers" (we started on a no 3... not sure if that is the weakest ... but it is potent enough for a midday drink anyway! )...Pain Killer is a rum cocktail... and very drinkable ...almost in the same line as a Pinacolada... needless to say - my system should not consume more than one!

Luckily we did not anchor (so we don't need to snorkel on the anchor and worry about dragging at night) ... so the extra pain killer was justified! Lol... By the way (info for our sailor friends) ... the buoys are of great quality and relatively cheap ...$25 a night ...the safest way to go if it is that windy....
A few of the big Guns pulled up outside the bay - We had to wonder if those big Super Yachts have half the fun we have.... and if they do ... one day cost them what our 6 months sailing trip is costing in total! Arriving in their flash supersize dinghies ... more a small speed boat size.... in fancy resort matching clothes and handbags...they just don't have that happy look about them?.. (more subdued) than the average sailor that is having the same fun... ? Lol ....( just a side comment)
We have decided to stay only one night at a bay - even though it might be hard to do at times .... But there are just too much to do and see!...and hopefully have then time to go back to the super nice places for another day or two?
So the planning has started ...where to go next...we will have to follow the winds ... Looking out across the waters - It almost look like the yachts are all out on a Sunday cruise ... sitting pretty and white on the blue water - all so tranquil and easy and relaxed ... not chasing anything and just go where the winds are taking them... I hope the winds will take us to the nicest bays!


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Trinidad to Turkey 2012
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