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Day 16 Galápagos to Marquesas

25 May 2017 | Pacific Ocean
Getting tired of this now. Itching to go for a long walk, to talk to people, to look at vistas apart from sea and sky. A swim would be nice too. Ho hum...
The wind is up a little this morning so we are going a little faster. Otherwise what can I say - same old, same old....
We managed 144nm yesterday and we are sailing at 6 knots with 14 knots of wind.

Day 15 Galápagos to Marquesas

24 May 2017 | Pacific Ocean
We are definitely slowing down and only did 136nm yesterday. But the advantage is that the sea is calm and we are no longer being thrown about. Another beautiful evening last night with another pod of dolphins paying a visit. There were a few little baby dolphins staying close to their mothers, and learning all the tricks.
A light on the horizon caught our attention last night, but as it did not move we can only assume it was a fishing boat, and Neil saw another with the binoculars this morning. Are there no other yachts sailing?
Fruit is gone except half a watermelon. Two tomatoes, carrots and cabbage left, but no other salad veges. Dinner is spaghetti bolognese tonight.
Currently we are sailing at 6 knots and we have 13 knots of wind.

Day 14 Galápagos to Marquesas

23 May 2017 | Pacific Ocean
Oh dear the wind has dropped again and for the last 24 hours we have slowed down. We were hoping to make landfall on Monday the 29th but now it looks like we may arrive on Tuesday instead. The good thing is the sea has calmed down too and it all feels very comfortable and lazy.
Yesterday evening, just before sunset, a huge pod of dolphins paid us a visit. Some of them swimming in formation, others doing enormous somersaults and bellyflops onto the water, others jumping over and under our bow wave. It brightened us up, allowing us to feel not so alone in this big big ocean.
The night sky was beautiful, shooting stars, the Milky Way, the Southern Cross, and a slipper of a moon alongside Venus in the early morning.
Yesterday we did 149nm and currently we are sailing at 5 knots with 12 knots of breeze.

Day 13 Galápagos to Marquesas

22 May 2017 | Pacific Ocean
Oh my goodness! Neil has just caught a huge tuna - 11 kg! It took ages to haul it in and he was pretty tired at the end. It was pretty hard to slow the boat down so he could reel it in and the whole exercise took about 45 minutes. I pulled the jib in and turned the boat into the waves to slow it down and we had these ginormous waves tossing the boat about while Neil was straining with the rod, but he did it! And now we have a full freezer again with plenty of tuna for curries and pickled fish.
Although the swells are now nearly 3 metres now, we are finally sailing downwind and so it is a bit more comfortable and we slept well last night. We are still going nice and fast with 156nm yesterday and currently we are sailing at 7 knots with 17 knots of wind.

Day 12 Galápagos to Marquesas

21 May 2017 | Pacific Ocean
Aargh a horrible night. The sea once more turned into a washing machine and this continued all day. We have been lurching about and falling off our perches, with everything a huge effort. Try cook on the stove whilst trying to stand still and needing to hold on at all times!
Over the last hour it has settled just a bit and I am hopeful we will have a calmer night. The wind isn't the problem, it's these annoying swells! Occasionally a sneaky wave launches itself into the cockpit and we get sprayed, but not drenched as yet.
Lunch today was fresh fish, fresh bread and tomato. Dinner will be chicken and barley casserole. Our small Waeco freezer has been a godsend and we have enjoyed the prepared meals I cooked before we left. Four frozen meals left now, so will have to supplement with fish and pasta dishes over the next week.
We are going well and right now we are expecting to arrive at Hiva Oa, Marquesas on Monday the 29th of May.
We managed 157nm over the last 24 hours and currently we are sailing at 6 knots with 16 knots of wind.

Day 11 Galápagos to Marquesas

20 May 2017 | Pacific Ocean
We passed the halfway mark around 4am this morning, only 1,492nM to go !
The distances are quite immense, this trip is further than travelling across the breadth of America. The total route we are travelling is 5,371km, we average around 11 km/hr.

We are currently carbon neutral, have not run the engine for quite a while. The hydro generator keeps the batteries charged and runs 24hrs. The solar panels provide a burst during the day. Our water tank is topped up daily from the water maker. It is great being able to have showers.

We keep ourselves occupied by reading, listening to music and audio books and resting. Just like a continuous loop of lazy Sundays.
Vessel Name: Silver Lining
Vessel Make/Model: Hanse 400
Hailing Port: Auckland
Crew: Neil and Gillian
We are from New Zealand and have enjoyed sailing around the Hauraki Gulf and the Bay of Islands. We sailed the South Pacific Islands in May 2011, our first offshore trip on our 34 ft Van DER Stadt. [...]
Home Page: http://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/SilverLining
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