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SEAKA, On a Solo Voyage In Australia, 2015
Mooloolaba Duck Pond.
Fine with cold nights.
22/04/15, Mooloolaba Duck Pond.

On Monday morning we got away to a good start from Scarborough Marina just after first light. By 0900 we were approaching the southern end of Bridie Island under motor and sail stemming a 2 - 3 knot flooding tide with a 1 m chop into Morton Bay. Once past Skirmish Point the seas flattened out but we still had a head current of around 2 knots. Saw some surface fish so put out two lures for the first time, didn't get anything but during our navigation around Caloundra Head the lines tangled up. I will only put one out in hope in the future.

As we approached Caloundra the tide changed and we started to pick up speed to compensate for the slow progress earlier in the day. As we came around Caloundra Head I saw Peter [ex Top Hat owner] in his new yacht approaching from seaward. We came together and sailed up to Mooloolaba. It was the first comfortable sail [sans motor] that I have had this trip. Things are starting to look up!

By 1500 we had entered the river and I was ashore at 1600 to be taken by Peter to Whitworths to get the necessaries for repairing the inflatable dinghy.

On Wednesday morning made a quick trip ashore to get petrol for the outboard engine and food till Friday lunch time. I spent the rest of the morning preparing the inflatable dinghy for the repairs which I completed around 1300. Spent the rest of the afternoon reorganizing the internal lockers and sorting what food was left in preparation of going shopping. The locker work continued this morning with a couple of sail repairs and the completion of a boarding ladder being done.
So at this time there is only the outboard motor to attend to, which I will do this afternoon.

On Friday around midday I will be able to fully inflate the dinghy when I will go ashore for diesel, food and to do some laundry. Later on I'm hoping Peter can run me around for a couple of others things not available in the immediate area.

Scarborough Marina
Overcast and raining hard.
20/04/15, Scarborough Marina

Rudely awoken at 0400 by a Charter Fishing boat demanding we, there was two of us, vacate the Raby Bay Public Wharf immediately. There was a lot of foul language so I decided better out of there than trying to stay. Motored out to where I anchored on the way into Raby Bay and re-anchored.

I had breakfast and sorted Seaka out and we were underway just after first light at 0615 to Scarborough. We has light SW winds of only 2 or 3 knots all morning so motor sailed the whole way arriving here at 1230.

In the marina I have put water in the water tanks, so they are full for about 30 days worth of use. Also fulled the main fuel tank.

I have laid in the way points for tomorrow as we have a 52 nm trip. Raining now but if raining tomorrow will still go as conditions should be OK for a great sail.

Back at Russell Island.
18/04/15, Russell Island

Set off today at 0900 and with the tide with us, made Russell Island at 1100. En-route saw the ideal tender, photos next week. No trouble with the engine so seems I have put it back together OK.

Inflated the dinghy and went ashore to get some supplies. Forgot to throw my sandals in the dinghy so walked up to the shops in bare feet. [That was a first!]

Getting into cruising mode now!

NE wind is dying now [1600] so we are finally settling down after a 3 hour period of wind against tide plus the wake from the Island ferries.

Need to get a new card reader for camera so no photos until next week.

Ready to Go!
17/04/15, Horizon Shores Marina

Over the last four days we have been resident on the hard at Horizon Shores Marina, Cabbage Tree Point near Jacobs Well QLD.

We came out on Tuesday morning and Seaka got a water blast before we were set up in a small frame. I had to convince the yard boys that Seaka can sit on two 4"x 4" cross timbers. This allowed me to anti-foul 90% of the bottom of the keel, the bit missed is not worth worrying about, but I will check it every so often.

On that Tuesday I applied anti-foul primer to all the exposed gel-coat and an etch primer plus the anti-foul primer to the propeller and associated gear. I'm hoping that the primers applied will give us a better result this time. I dropped 20 meters of chain out and used the rest of the etch primer to give it a coating as all the galvanizing has all gone now. Today Eddie, a Top Hat owner from Victoria, dropped in for a talk.

Wednesday morning saw the first of three coats of anti-foul applied that day. In between the first two coats I polished the topsides and did the deck in the afternoon. Keith, the previous owner of Seaka dropped in for a look; we will see him again on Sunday. After the day's effort I retired to a friend's place for a beautiful roast beef, thanks Bruno and Lesley.

Thursday saw the last coat of anti-foul applied and soon as that was touch dry I repainted the boot topping. After that I went through Seaka re-organizing and packing things away. I made up a bag of gear [drills, grinders, polishers etc.] to leave at Bruno's when I sail north. The last thing to do was to replace the front engine mounts but on inspection I found that I couldn't remove the existing ones without lifting the whole engine. This has turned into a three day job for two people and the rudder will have to be dropped so I can remove the propeller to allow the drive shaft to be pulled forward so the engine can be re-aligned. Later I went back to Bruno's for another meal, staying the night and returning to Seaka around 0730 this morning.

This morning I refitted the windvane mount and tided up before Seaka was lifted about 0930 and returned to the water. Initial trails with the engine indicated the alignment was slightly out so I adjusted the offending mount over three trials and the result is that I have it very close.

The people at Horizon Shores have been very helpful with Seaka being berthed free of charge on Monday night and also tonight. I would recommend them to anybody. Only thing not so good is this place is isolated and you would need a car to access services if you were here for a major refit. You can stay onboard which is a bonus.

Tomorrow we head north. I'm planning to be in Raby Bay by midday Sunday. Later today I will have to check the weather out to see what is happening next week before heading to Mooloolaba.

Horizon Shores on the Hard
Fine, some cloud.
15/04/15, Horizon Shores Marina

Big day today.

Got three coats of anti-foul on and polished the deck and topsides.

One coat of anti-foul to go and the boot top.

Will tackle the port engine mount tomorrow. I have decided to replace only the damaged port one as to do the starboard one means the engine has to come out or at least be completely undone and raised to replace it.

Lesser of two evils first I think.

On the Hard.
14/04/15, Horizon Shores Marina

On the hard at Horizon Shores until Friday morning doing anti-fouling
polish and to replace one engine mount.

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