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Sailing aboard Sea Quell



Dodd Narrows
08/10/2007, Nanaimo, BC

We arrived in Herring Bay though a narrow curving channel and dodged some reefs. We anchored out and toured the bay on the dinghy. The bay has beautiful beaches, and summer cabins on the cliffs overhead. The bay itself almost totally surrounded us with small cliffs full of evergreens and flora, a great view, especially the sandstone islands with chaotic curving waterlines and random missing chunks, even some through-holes.

Next morning we went though Dodd Narrows, to Nanaimo. The narrows are a significant milestone on our Journey. Currents there can be powerful and dangerous, so we are careful to pass at slack tide. The pass is narrow, and beautiful, but sometimes has logs of huge trees floating in it... This is a good place to be careful and defensive. Look ahead, and avoid problems early. This is another "first" for Ian's sailing, taking his own boat through Dodd Narrows.

Herring Bay
08/09/2007, Ruxton Island

We explored the reefs, and photographed many starfish below the surface. After a calm windless day, I was reading in the cockpit, and Ian was doing the same on Morning Star.

It was twilight, the water flat, the air warm with the sound of crickets on the island. Then very quickly there was a wind gust, the sky darkened, and we saw two empty kayaks float by. A thunder-storm had come up, taking the kayaks on an unplanned journey.

We saw a man struggling to start his dingy motor, carried by the wind in the same direction as the kayaks. So we used our dinghy to chase down the escaped kayaks, and return them to him. He said that the gust had taken two large sun umbrellas and sunk them in the bay.

The next day we were careful on leaving this shallow cove, not wanting to find his umbrellas with our propeller.

Herring bay
08/09/2007, Ruxton Island

There are crushed-shell beaches, submerged at high tide. They're white, just like a Hawaii beach!

We dinghies over to a couple of them for photos, and discovered that we were not alone - mosquitoes!

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