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02 July 2010
Skippers Log, 67/2/10 Second Verse

Today I have changed strategy. I have decided to stop running DDW and crack off a bit and run about 25 degrees off the wind. Here is why: I canĀ't get my VMG to be better than 5 knots no matter what I do! If I run DDW, I go 5 knots. If I run 25 degrees off, I go about 6.7 SOG, which makes my VMG 5 knots! Well fine, since the VMG is the same, itĀ's a win to be off the wind. Reason #1: the motion of the boat is way better! Doing 30 degree rolls all day (not an exaggeration!) is just short of torture. Reason #2: The possibility of an accidental jibe is severely decreased. I already had two of these on the trip, one pretty bad. Dave on Saraband broke his boom last night from an accidental jibe. LetĀ's be safe!

That is the strategy of the day. Check in tomorrow for an entirely new one! The seas are very sloppy, even the vets say this is not normal. This run is not easy.

Second Verse, signing off.
Vessel Name: Second Verse
Vessel Make/Model: Cascade 36
Hailing Port: Coyote Point, CA
Crew: AJ Goldman
About: Father of Kelsey and Dylan
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