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D & D Nagle aboard MV DavidEllis
New occupant on David Ellis

Yesterday, (2/6 here) Mike and I got our new deck cover (awning-type thing over the fore deck) back from the canvas shop. We decided t put it up, since it really makes things a lot cooler inside. Mike went up on the pilot house roof to do part of the attachment and discovered that a tiny little bat had taken up residence in the lines on the mast. He (or she) left last night to go out on his rounds. I don't see him this morning, but I hope he returns. They eat insects, so they are good to have around. There are other bats here as well. Out near the airport, there are fruit bats. These guys look just like Stella Luna. They are about 3 feet across, and are really fascinating.

Deo Volante

This is the vessel that Mike "rescued" a few days ago. The owners, Ralph and Ruth Hollenbeck are great folks. They are Canadians, from Naimo, BC. They were both born in Holland, but met elsewhere. This is their second boat. They traveled for many years, with their 3 children, going around the world. This is their second trip around the world, but this time just the two of them. We met them here in Subic last summer, and they have since been to Japan and have just returned here for a bit. We are very glad to see them again.


Oh, sorry; the photo below is of Capones Island, north of Subic Bay, just south of which is where we picked up Deo Volante

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