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D & D Nagle aboard MV DavidEllis
DavidEllis Safe - Cable Bay (In Tanaga Bay) Tanaga Is. - 5 Jul 0000 UTC

From Dave via satphone:

1. Position: 51deg 46N 178deg 1'W

They are in Cable Bay, which is on the north side of Tanaga Bay on Tanaga Island.
All on board OK. Waiting out weather - at least 24 hours.
Craig had a halibut on line already.
Tanaga Island has an abandoned Naval airfield from WWII just south of them. Charts also show a "control tower", a shack and a cabin to the south also.

Current time in nearby Adak, Alaska 4:00 p.m.

DavidEllis Underway 4 Jul, 1200 UTC

From Dave via satphone:

1. Position: 52deg 02' N 179deg 52'E
2. COG: 093 T
3. SOG: 5.5 knots (running into a 2kt south setting current with wind against that)
4. Wind: Variable now (saw 34knots a couple hours ago)
5. Seas: Sloppy
6. Baro: 1014.5
7. Clouds:

Arrived at Semisopochnoi Island, east side, to wait out weather. Not as good as thought, so moving on to Tanaga Bay (51deg 44'N 178deg 3.4'W) on Tanaga Island (approximately 80 NM away).

All on board OK

DavidEllis Underway 4 Jul, 0000 UTC

From Dave via satphone:

1. Position: 52deg 30'N 178deg 33'E
2. COG: 090 True
3. SOG: 7.0 knots
4. Wind: SW to S 12-20 knots, now S at 12 knots
5. Seas: Swell SW 1 1/2 M
6. Baro: 1009.5 up in last 10 hours from 1001 to 1009

7. Clouds: 100% high cover

Projected 24 hour position: 52deg 30'N 177deg 19'W
Projected 48 hour position: 52deg 45'N 173deg 09'W

Just passed 30 mile north of Little Sitkin Island (and decided not to tell the crew about the hot springs there, as it could lead to mutiny).

Passing North of Kanga Island in 24 hours and Anlea Island in 48 hours

Half dozen dolphins with orca paint jobs surfing the swells and cutting in front of the boat.

All on board OK.

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Who: Mike (Dave) and Dorothy Nagle
Port: Sebastopol, CA, USA
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