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Michael & Edi have headed out on a slow, thorough exploration of the globe.
Leaving Sequitur
07 July 2012 | Edi & Michael in Vancouver, Sequitur in Saint Augustine
In late June we had listed Sequitur for sale with SouthEast Sailing & Yachts in St Augustine, Florida. We then spent the following week completing her refit in the yard at St Augustine Marine Center. We were impressed by the expertise and efficiency of the workers and by the quality of the work they did. The boat was brought to the best condition she has ever been in. All the shoddy work, errors and glitches from her fit-out at Specialty Yachts in Vancouver have been resolved.

Once all the contracted work was completed, Sequitur was moved by travel lift from the work yard to the dry storage area. After Tropical Storm Debbie had passed over, the weather improved dramatically, and it remained clear and hot for the remainder of our time in St Augustine. Too hot, in fact, with highs in the mid 30s and humidity well into the 90s.

I arranged a hurricane stake-down procedure with the marine center and we reorganized the insurance coverage from offshore cruising to dry storage at the edge of the hurricane zone.

As the list of completed jobs grew, we began the long process of packing-up from five years of living in Sequitur. Her interior became more chaotic and messy as we went, and we had to remind ourselves quite often that the chaos was a necessary step in the packing-up and cleaning-out process. We wanted her to be neat, clean and ready for her new owners to move in. We packed our belongings into eight 23-kilo bags and four 10-kilo carry-ons, balancing and distributing the volume and weight, the tough and the fragile with the assistance of a brass 25-kilo fish scale.

On Thursday the 5th of July, Hunt drove us and our twelve bags to the airport in Orlando, where we were relieved to see that our little fish scale was very accurate. We caught a flight to Montreal and connected to Vancouver, where we arrived in the early evening, tired, beat-up and thoroughly drained emotionally from having left our dear Sequitur behind.
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