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The architecture was stunning in Melbourne. There were new moderistic buildings next to 1880's buildings. One of the most interesting was the ACMI (Australian Center fr the Moving Image) building.

11/18/2011, Melbourne

Melbourne was truely a international city with many races and creeds--not sure which race or creed this guy was, but he was very colorful. After I snapped his picture he turned and gave me a nasty look--as though he did not want the attention.


Sherry and her new boyfriend in Melbourne's Starbucks--this is the first Starbucks we have visited since we were back home in the states last June--poor Sherry.

Melbourne cont.,

We found Melbourne really enjoyable and very interesting. Besides all of the contemporary stores, the mix of old brick buildings next to modern sky-scrapers, multi-cultural people and food, an amazing aquarium, the ACMI--the Australian Center for the Moving Image (awesome), there was a STARBUCKS! We spent four nights in Melbourne--and that was not enough! We went for 'walkabouts' everyday and collapsed in bed at night. We had beautiful weather and found the Melbournians very friendly and helpful. Our last night in Melbourne we were picked up by Geoff MacDonald and taken to a pizza dinner with his wife Kathy and kids Callum and Beth. We had met the MacDonalds in Resolution Bay at Tanna Island, Vanuatu--and they told us to 'ring them up' when we came to Melbourne. They are wonderful people and we had a great night with them. We learned that Geoff's grandfather was sent to Australia as a convict from the Isle of Sky, Scotland. Tired, but very happy, we drove our lonely rental car to the Melbourne airport and took the one-hour flight (thank God) to Hobart, Tasmania.


11-09-11 We arrived in Melbourne after a cramped 3.5 hours on a 737 that they cram as many seats into as they can. We did not have kids behind us this time - but there was an Aussie guy behind us who talked incessantly during the flight. We took a cab to our hotel, the Oaks on Market, and crashed as it was about 1 AM. We were sound asleep at 9 AM when the phone rang and the front desk told us that the car rental guy was there to give me a ride to their place. I pulled on my shorts, shoes, and shirt from yesterday and went downstairs - I am sure I did not smell very nice. I brought our pre-booked rental car back to the hotel. This was humorous as we never took the rental car out of the parking structure until the day we left Melbourne. We did not drive the car for two reasons - one; our hotel was located right in the CBD (the central business district - we call it downtown) - and two; it was absolutely INSANE to drive in Melbourne! They have something called the 'hook right turn' - where if you wish to make a right turn at a designated intersection, you pull into the intersection at the far left side, you must wait until your traffic light turns red - then you make your right turn in front of the oncoming cross traffic. Add the hook right turn to electric trams, narrow streets, oneway streets, limited street signs, crazy drivers, and don't forget left side driving- we refused to use our rental car and paid $10.00/day to keep it parked in the parking structure.

Back to Perth...and beyond

11-07-11 After three days with Louie, Alicia, and Serena we drove down the coastal route to the town of Jurien. We stayed one night in Jurien - the caravan park was right on the shore. It was very windy on the coast which is the norm - one grey nomad told me that WA (Western Australia) really stood for 'Windy Always.' We continued on to Perth staying again at the Kerrinyup Caravan Park. We had brekkie with Louie's dad - Eddy- then returned our luxuriously spacious MiniWinnie and caught our flight to Melbourne.

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