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Hannah at Starbucks

Hannah joined Nana and Papa at their home away from home -Starbucks

Jack Catches the Pass

One of the greatest days ever - Jackson caught this pass at the end of the play off game and makes the winning touchdown. Booya

The Chase Begins

Try to resist this look when you know she is going to make you get up and go after her.

Moving On...

I think we have discovered what bitter sweet really means. Gordon and I love spending time at home with family and friends but it makes saying good-bye to return to our adventure the epitome of bitter sweet for us. I dragged my feet on departing, denying it was approaching . Amidst the watery eyes and sniffly nose, I hugged the kids and grandkids and vowed to return soon.
We had nearly three months of time to visit. We were able to spend some time with each of our children and a few of our friends and siblings. Jackson, 8 years old, and I spent some quality time reading from the book "The Magic Faraway Tree" written by an Australian author and a gift from our wonderful friends, Beth, Callum, Kathy, and Geoff of the S/V Glide. Owen, 3 years old, and I spent plenty of time enacting Star Wars with light sabers Nana bought for Jack and Owen from Target. Hannah, 17 months, and I played the game "You want me to go where? No, I'm going this way". This last game gets old pretty fast except Hannah gets such a cute smile and twinkle in her eye you have to laugh as you chase her. Gordon and I spent some quality time with our grand-pets as well. Chris and Niloo's kittens are quite playful, even if it takes a little time for Pambeh to warm up to you. Maloos on the other hand is likely to be at the door to greet you. Jincks, our son Gavin and fiancee Monica's dog, is a Korean Jindo. He is so smart and friendly as well as polite. He will sit and watch TV with you until you mention the word "walk". Scott, our oldest son, became a pet owner himself after visiting the Camarillo Animal Shelter. Ripley is a five year old black labrador mix and a sweetheart. We were worried about her at first because she developed pneumonia, probably from the shelter, and spent at least a couple of weeks on antibiotics. Afterward she was getting eye and ear drops for infections. She is now quite friendly and spry. Scott's working on obedience training with her. Chris, Niloo and Scott take hikes with Ripley and on one of these hikes we were included. It became evident that Ripley was a water dog when she bee-lined it for the water at the bottom of Rainbow Falls with Gordon in tow. Fortunately Gordon wasn't knocked off his feet, but he did get a little wet.
Monica and Gavin are getting married this August so we all have been working out the details. We met Monica's mother and father, Harriet and Mike for the first time in December. Our kids are all so blessed to have the greatest in-laws. We missed not getting together with Mahvash and Shoja this time , but we saw a picture of Mahvash with her new haircut and it definitely works. Niloo acts as our messenger since her family is so far away. We were lucky to see Kathleen and Bill a couple of times this trip. As usual we were treated to fantastic gourmet meals. When Kathleen, James, and Heather get together they surpass the repast of all the local restaurants.
We were able to get together with both of my sisters this trip, because both of them were willing to do some travelling. I wanted to visit them in Sonoma, but there just wasn't time. I checked in with my brother, Roger, by phone. There is never enough time to do everything.
Boating friends Doug and Andrea met with us for lunch in Newbury Park and we were able to get together with other boating buddies, Alison and Allan who have had to return to work (sorry, I know that's a bad word)
Gordon and I dutifully made our yearly dermatological and dental visits. The upsides of this is meeting with really wonderful people. Dr. Lisa Wolfe is a friend and an awesome dermatologist. Gordon left the office with a lot more frozen off lesions than I. Thank you, Lisa. Dr. Bryman fixed the front tooth I chipped in a fall on the Ile des Pins. Gordon temporarily fixed it after I fell but Dr Bryman permanently restored it. Thank you Mike. Gina and Lois cleaned and polished our teeth. Thank you hygienists. Though we unfortunately were unable to get together with Mike and Jan we were able to spend an evening out with Lois, Bill, Gina and Nancy. We met at Lois and Bill's beautiful abode and we all went to Meridians for dinner. I made a short trip to see friends at the hospital in the CRU where I loved working. Nancy and I were able to get together for coffee, but there were many friends Gordon and I were unable to meet this time. We will try to make contact with them this December.

Mixed Emotions

March 9th, 2012.... We wanted to address our mixed emotions on leaving our family after three months back home. When we return to California from our boat, we stay with our kids and grandkids. We help our kids with home projects and baby sit the G'kids-- we absolutely love those times. One of our best friends, Bill Klope Sr., told us that for him the best times in his life were when all his five kids were around the dinner table. We feel that way too. But we also feel that we need to fulfill our dreams-- we actually think that we are setting a good example for our kids and grandkids. We believe that you must set goals and strive to fulfill your dreams. Your dreams may not involve sailing your boat around the world-- it may be to travel around Europe, or visit every state in the union, or go to Africa and help the needy. Whatever your dream is--you need to go after it. Set a plan in motion to realize your dream while you are physically and mentally able to do it. You only get one chance at this life--but if you do it right the first time, you only need one chance.

Up the East Coast of Oz

Driving up the east coast we saw large gum trees--or eucalyptus trees. The colors were many shades of green. We strained our eyes to see Koala Bears, but did not see one. There were many rivers, most of them brown with run-off from recent rains.

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