Cruising on Seren Mor

02 May 2013 | North Wales
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22 April 2013 | Senigallia
20 April 2013 | Arenzano
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19 April 2013 | Cadaqués
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Dangly Bits

23 July 2012 | Corfu Town

I'm not opposed to the idea of nudism (see "The Nature of Naturism" July 2011). In fact, it makes a lot of sense and quite appeals. I certainly understand why anyone would want to strip off their sweat-soaked clothes and let the breeze dry their skin. Yachties definitely seem to feel the inclination and, perhaps because they have already rid themselves of many of society's conventions, act on the impulse.

Most are reasonably discrete about it. Neighbouring crews may get a quick flash on the bathing ladder or when cockpits (?) drift together but, as a general rule, most keep it under the sunshade or in the sea. I say 'yachties' but what I really mean is Northern Europeans in the Mediterranean - those whose own climates are not usually conducive to removing wet weather gear. Those used to hot summers tend not to indulge. The Italians, for example, might well wear the tightest of budgie smugglers / topless thongs but they don't seem to go the whole hog.

For some reason it seems to be the men who are more forward about letting it all hang out. I blame communal toileting. I don't think I'm a prude and I'm certainly not offended or alarmed by the sight of male genitalia (it's hard to think of a career choice other than prostitution or G.U. surgeon who regularly has to 'deal' with more willies than a nurse) but, come on guys, sometimes it just isn't appropriate.

If you're in an isolated bay, well, ok. If you're in the harbour of a busy Greek town, overlooked by hotels and apartments, with tripper boats weaving between the yachts, could you keep it under wraps? Yes, I'm talking to you - the guy on the British boat parading around the coach roof. Yes, we've all seen it and having a good stretch doesn't improve the sight. Oh,no. Please don't bend down....
Vessel Name: Seren Mor
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria
Hailing Port: Plymouth
Crew: Cathy and Neil Lamputt
Extra: In the Med after taking the very slow route.
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Seren Mor

Who: Cathy and Neil Lamputt
Port: Plymouth