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Cruising on Seren Mor
Dangly Bits
23/07/2012, Corfu Town


I'm not opposed to the idea of nudism (see "The Nature of Naturism" July 2011). In fact, it makes a lot of sense and quite appeals. I certainly understand why anyone would want to strip off their sweat-soaked clothes and let the breeze dry their skin. Yachties definitely seem to feel the inclination and, perhaps because they have already rid themselves of many of society's conventions, act on the impulse.

Most are reasonably discrete about it. Neighbouring crews may get a quick flash on the bathing ladder or when cockpits (?) drift together but, as a general rule, most keep it under the sunshade or in the sea. I say 'yachties' but what I really mean is Northern Europeans in the Mediterranean - those whose own climates are not usually conducive to removing wet weather gear. Those used to hot summers tend not to indulge. The Italians, for example, might well wear the tightest of budgie smugglers / topless thongs but they don't seem to go the whole hog.

For some reason it seems to be the men who are more forward about letting it all hang out. I blame communal toileting. I don't think I'm a prude and I'm certainly not offended or alarmed by the sight of male genitalia (it's hard to think of a career choice other than prostitution or G.U. surgeon who regularly has to 'deal' with more willies than a nurse) but, come on guys, sometimes it just isn't appropriate.

If you're in an isolated bay, well, ok. If you're in the harbour of a busy Greek town, overlooked by hotels and apartments, with tripper boats weaving between the yachts, could you keep it under wraps? Yes, I'm talking to you - the guy on the British boat parading around the coach roof. Yes, we've all seen it and having a good stretch doesn't improve the sight. Oh,no. Please don't bend down....

Corfu Town Anchorage
21/07/2012, Corfu Town


The plan today was to sample the delights of Benitses. Somehow we didn't think we'd be successful as we approached the unfinished marina. At this time of day (11.30am) surely somebody should be leaving? We should have known, really. With lazy lines fitted and no charge, of course it was going to be filled wall-to-wall with non-moving live-aboards.

On to Corfu Town about five miles away and an excellent anchorage close to the Citadel and a short dinghy ride into town. We didn't want to stay at hot, noisy, hot, crowded, hot Benitses after all.

20/07/2012, Petreti, Corfu


Yesterday I tweeted that I'd got 18 mosquito bites. I felt pretty hard done by, I can tell you. Today I have 18 bites on ONE LEG! I got to 29 before becoming thoroughly disheartened and stopped counting. I'm rubbing that much antihistamine cream into my body (to hell with recommended doses) I'd suggest everybody buy shares in Anthisan immediately.

What is really annoying me is that the little b*****ds can't seem to take one bite and have a good suck. Oh no. It's obvious from the proximity that it was a single blighter that inflicted the 9 bites on one side of my left foot and maybe another that has gone for three individual toes on my right. The rate they're swelling up, well, it's a good job I don't have to wear shoes. Let's look on the bright side.

I may have been moaning a bit the last couple of days as Neil suggested we moved 500 yards away and maybe catch a bit more breeze and be out of flying range of the little varmints. Or it may have had something to do with the single, solitary bite he got. Well, it is in a VERY sensitive place.

22/07/2012 | Lu
You have my sympthies! Try Fenestil, I've found it to be much more effective than Antihisan.
22/07/2012 | Cathy
Thanks for the recommendation, Lu. I've googled it and although there seems to be some confusion between Fenestil and Fenistil I'm assuming they are the same thing. I'll be at the pharmacy when it opens tomorrow!
20/07/2012, Petreti, Corfu

We're back in Corfu!
Finally got a signal strong enough to post the video of Parga: available at

Monastery Bay
17/07/2012, Mourtos/Sivota

This picture of the sunset over the ruined monastery doesn't quite capture the reality. There's a hotel at the head of the bay that completely shatters the peace. We were anchored with a line ashore and took the dinghy into Mourtos itself. We're told the locals prefer the town to be referred to as Sivota which is a bit confusing with the other Sivota further south.

Who Pays the Ferryman?
15/07/2012, Parga

We did. We could have got the dinghy down and walked around the headland into the main town. But it was hot and it was boat to quay service. Extravagant is Neil's middle name, you know.

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