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Vessel Name: Pied-a-Mer III
Vessel Make/Model: Seawind 1160 Catamaran
Hailing Port: Clatskanie, OR
Crew: Pam & Eric
About: Pam (the Admiral among other things) Our wonderful boat cat Rose spent her final year with Terrell in the US. She lived a good life, loved to sail!
Extra: Pied-a-Mer III is our home. We live where the wind takes us. Currently in The Kingdom of Tonga.
28 April 2017 | Great Barrier Island
05 February 2017 | Opua, New Zealand
09 November 2016 | Bay of Islands, New Zealand
26 October 2016 | Baie de Kuto, Isle of Pines
11 October 2016 | PortmSud
10 October 2016 | Port Moselle Marina. Noumea, New Caledonia
12 August 2016 | Vuda Marina, Fiji
09 July 2016 | Isle de Pines
30 May 2016 | Queensland
21 April 2016 | Queensland
21 April 2016 | The Boat Works
18 April 2016 | Tasman & Coral Seas
31 March 2016 | Newcastle, NSW
16 March 2016 | Rozelle Bay, Sydney Australia
05 January 2016 | Balls Head Bay, Sydney Harbour
12 December 2015 | Hardy Bay, Brisbane Waters
10 November 2015 | Lake Macquarie
07 November 2015 | Tasmain Sea
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28 April 2017 | Great Barrier Island

PIED-a-Mer III Sails, Finally

After several months at anchor or on a pile mooring in Whangarei we finally headed south and had a wonderful time exploring Great Barrier Island-Aotea . Great Barrier Island was named by Captain Cook for the Barrier it forms between the Hauraki Gulf and the open sea. About 850 people live permanently [...]

05 February 2017 | Opua, New Zealand

Eric's Solar Project

We spent a month at anchor outside of the Bay of Islands Marina in Opua, NZ. Ten days were spent with seminars, tours, BBQ's and socializing, all part of the Island Cruising Associations "All Points Rally". After the Rally, Eric got down to the business of replacing existing solar and adding more solar. Hours of "design thoughts" went into the project and finally the plan and specs were ready for implementation. In order to mount the four 200 watt panels that were ordered, Eric needed to remove the two panels that were original to the boat and the two flexible panels that we added in Mexico. The four replacement panels were larger than our existing panels which meant their installation would require some creative engineering with stainless, aluminum, canvas and welding----right up Eric's engineering ally, with the exception of the welding which we had done in the boatyard in Opua. With modified stainless supports, the panels above the stern were installed, they are a a little longer than the original ones but they fit. The other two panels were installed on either side of the targa replacing the canvas pieces which held the flexible panels. We had recently bought a Sailrite sewing machine, which had been on Eric's "wish list" for several years, so we used the existing canvas to fill in the gaps and installed clear windows in the canvas at the two helms-----now we can see sail trim without leaning our heads around the helms. Our original solar plan of 330 watts was satisfactory in the tropics for keeping our freezer, refrigerator and most other things in electricity all day and all night long, but it would take until 4 or 5 in the afternoon before our batteries were at 100% which is appropriate to get through the evening. With our new panels of 840 watts---- on a bright day in NZ we are at 100% by 11:00 am. This is good because our next project is "sonic hull cleaning" which will take up 38 amp hours per day over and above our current usage of approximately 70 amp hours----a little over a 50% increase. Next Blog entry-------road trips!

09 November 2016 | Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Passage to New Zealand

We have been in Opua, New Zealand now for 5 days, long enough to do laundry, provision, locate boat parts and reconnect with cruising friends and meet new friends. Last night we got down to analyzing our passage from Noumea, New Caledonia to Opua and deemed it a good one. We had some very good winds, periods of very little wind, a few rain showers, daily SSB contact with friends, Jenny and Rich on sv Plan Sea and yes, we did have a couple of boat issues----does anyone know a boat that doesn't have a glitch or two on an ocean passage? Our first 24 hours out we covered 160.65 mm---which, for us, is very good. For the first couple of days the seas were pretty rolly but the sun was blazing---we were smiling. We would occasionally hit a "no wind" pocket, turn on an engine for a short time and then be back under sail. Day #3 we started the starboard engine and discovered that the prop was not functioning, now we are down to just the port engine. Now, we were OK with one functioning engine however, we knew we would need the starboard fuel as we still had at least 5 days of passage before we reached NZ. Day #3 was a day of continual wind shifts, confused seas, sail changes and motor motor sailing. Day # 4 was a good day of sailing, bad valve on propane tank (which Eric was able to temporarily solve) and we traded shorts for long pants and long sleeved shirts. This was the last day that we were able to see svPlan Sea----they changed course a bit and motor sailed ahead of us. We were trying to sail as much as possible. On my 1200-0400 watch on Day#5, the sky was as black as I had ever seen it. At 0605 we went to third reef with the main and reefed the jib-----sailed through the day. At 0600 on Day#6 Eric woke me up, the second reef line had broken and there was a ripped seam in the main sail. Eric immediately grabbed tape, etc. and, with me keeping the boat into the wind, taped the sail hoping to prevent further tearing. Our other major project for Day #6 was decanting two jerry cans of diesel into the port tank. Then, Day #7 brought successfully siphoning diesel from the starboard engine into jerry cans and then decanting the jerry cans into the port engine----all of this was done inside the boat---we didn't have to go out in the wind and rain. We had always talked about what we would do in a situation like this and now we know----it can be done. This was a good excercise. Maybe our success was due to pod of dolphins and a pod of whales that shared our "spot on the "ocean----we wished they had had AIS or nav lights. Day #8-----0942, at the Customs dock in Opua.

26 October 2016 | Baie de Kuto, Isle of Pines


Off to New Zealand. Anchored in Baie de Kuto in the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia, hope to leave tomorrow morning for a 6-8 day passage to Opua, New Zealand. Will spend 6 months of cyclone season exploring.

11 October 2016 | PortmSud

Fun Times Cruising

Eric, as Captain, is responsible navigating, piloting, repairing equipment, acting plumber and electrician (I do assist). I covet the galley and have a lot of fun----it's my space and I like it that way!

Sunny Day on the water

17 July 2012 | Anchored at Port Browning Marina
Pam/ Sun
Nice day on the water. Left Schooner Cove at 7:00 am, sailed and motored, stopped at a marina on the way to look for oil for the sail drives--didn't find oil but did find hard cider and wine at the pub. Anchored on North Pender Island at Port Browning Marina, rowed the dinghy to shore, walked to a small shopping center and bought kitty litter, romaine, and chips. Stopped by the marina restaurant and met a couple who were originally from Portland but now live in Port Townsend---spent the evening with them. Back now on the boat--with Rose.

The photo was taken yesterday. We saw a beautiful sunrise and had great weather all day long.
Pied-a-Mer III's Photos - Main
Arrived in Nuku'alofa on Sunday May 28, 2017 from Opua, New Zealand. 10 days and 9 nights at sea.
21 Photos
Created 21 July 2017
30 Photos
Created 23 April 2017
13 Photos
Created 23 April 2017
33 Photos
Created 20 April 2017
A morning tour of Hobbiton. When we made our reservation, I thought the price of $79.00/ person was a little steep but it was so worth the money. Great place.
30 Photos
Created 8 April 2017
Visiting Min & Terrell
11 Photos
Created 7 February 2017
9 Photos
Created 25 January 2017
12 Photos
Created 25 January 2017
8 Photos
Created 25 January 2017
10 Photos
Created 25 January 2017
6 Photos
Created 24 January 2017
Indian Celebration--Ratha Yatra. Parade through the streets of Whangarei. Music, dancing and a sumptuous lunch---vegetarian--in the Cafler Park Rose Gardens.
15 Photos
Created 24 January 2017
Arrived in Whangarei on December 9, 2016. On a pile mooring at Town Basin.
16 Photos
Created 13 January 2017
November 4, 2016-December 8, 2016
86 Photos
Created 30 December 2016
Noumea, New Caledonia to Opua, New Zealand.
30 Photos
Created 27 October 2016
A week on a mooring ball off the uninhabited island of Laregnere. Fantastic snorkeling, beach walks, afternoon games and a yummy potluck with sv Plan Sea and sv Dream Car her.
14 Photos
Created 26 October 2016
Along with friends, Mike and Joan Mellon, we sailed the Mamanukas and Yasawa islands. We had a fabulous time.
30 Photos
Created 10 October 2016
Pittwater, Cowan Creek, Cottage Point, The Basin, Newcastle and Bar Hopping.
25 Photos
Created 24 April 2016
Milson's Point-The Bridge Walk, Elizabeth Farm, Rosehill NSW
20 Photos
Created 24 April 2016
This album includes travel by ferry, bus,might rail and train. All part of Sydney's mass transit system, using our OPAL cards.
20 Photos
Created 21 April 2016
Our trip down south. Wanted to take Pied-a-Mer III back to Woolongon as that's where she had been built. Jervis Bay was a highlight because that's where we were able to meet Melinda Mathews Brogan, Melinda Altamirano's Australian pen pal (and we didn't take one photo of her)
23 Photos
Created 19 April 2016
Balls Head Bay, Snails Bay, Rozelle, Middle Harbour, Port Hacking, Wollongong, Jervis Bay and back to Sydney.
65 Photos
Created 16 February 2016
Nieafu and island anchorages
10 Photos
Created 16 September 2015
Sailing to atolls. Kauehi and Fakarava. Touring pearl farm and buying pearls.
No Photos
Created 22 May 2015
Sailing in Crystal clear blue-green waters, anchoring near white sands and lush hills.
No Photos
Created 28 April 2015
Hiking Yelapa
11 Photos
Created 28 March 2013
Puerto Vallarta with Sellix,Altamirano and Choumanes
14 Photos
Created 1 January 2013
On the Bow.
4 Photos
Created 17 September 2012
First Photos
12 Photos
Created 2 June 2012
32 Photos
Created 31 December 1969

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