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Sellixs Set Sail
Sunny Day on the water
Pam/ Sun
17 July 2012 | Anchored at Port Browning Marina
Nice day on the water. Left Schooner Cove at 7:00 am, sailed and motored, stopped at a marina on the way to look for oil for the sail drives--didn't find oil but did find hard cider and wine at the pub. Anchored on North Pender Island at Port Browning Marina, rowed the dinghy to shore, walked to a small shopping center and bought kitty litter, romaine, and chips. Stopped by the marina restaurant and met a couple who were originally from Portland but now live in Port Townsend---spent the evening with them. Back now on the boat--with Rose.

The photo was taken yesterday. We saw a beautiful sunrise and had great weather all day long.
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