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S.V. Shadow of Lorelei
Three yachts, two people, one quest.
Shadow of Lorelei's Photos - Japanese Ablutions
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A countryside squat: A countryside squat
A toilet in Tsu: A toilet in Tsu
Public Toilet, Izena Island: Public Toilet, Izena Island
Baby Seat in Loo: Baby Seat in Loo
Wash basin saves water whilst refilling cistern: Wash basin saves water whilst refilling cistern
Still don
Another really scary urinal: Another really scary urinal
Major Tom to Earth Control: Major Tom to Earth Control
Artistically inspired Ceramic Pee Point: Artistically inspired Ceramic Pee Point
 A real loo with a view:  A real loo with a view
A really scary urinal: A really scary urinal
Che Again ?: Che Again ?
Che?: Che?
Bath Slippers even in Public Toilets: Bath Slippers even in Public Toilets
Need a degree to flush: Need a degree to flush
S.V. Shadow of Lorelei
Who: Mauro Migliorelli & Pauline Wilkinson
Port: Brisbane, Australia
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17 September 2008
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15 June 2008
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