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Delightful Lady

Who: Tony & Mady Sharp
Port: Auckland
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Nisyros to Lipso
29/08/2011, Ormos Lipso

29/07/2011. We had a nice motorsail up to the top of Leros via the outside of Kos. We wanted to check out the marina in Partheni as a poss place to leave yachts over winter. We discovered that the marina has no in-water berths adjacent to the hardstand area so probably not suitable. We anchored in the small bay next to the marina. We were woken at about 2.30am by a large crash! We tumbled out of bed to discover that a fishing boat had ploughed into us! Luckily damage was restricted to some stainless railings and the gunwhale rubbing strip. To make things worse the greek fisherman was yelling and trying to say it was our fault that he had run into us. To cut a long story short we escaped the place the next morning with no prospect of compensation. Insurance will cover the repairs but our excess is several hundred dollars so not a nice start to the cruise!. As often happens the next few days were a complete change. We arrived in Lipso to a fine greeting by the locals, found that there was no charge for the dock, just for any power and water you used. The town is small but vey pretty. The Island is administered by the Monastary on Patmos and seems very well run. They even have rubbish recycling! We spent a few days here waiting for the Meltemi to drop down a few notches before head for Patmos and beyond.

Early days
31/12/1969, Nisyros

24/07/2011. Our first night out of Marmaris was spent at Bozburun where we checked out of Turkey for the time being. The next day we motored across to Symi into strong headwinds. It was good to be back in one of our favourite spots. We contacted Dionyssis and arranged to have dinner with him. We had met him in Marmaris. He has a Bav 42 like Delightful Lady. The next day we departed for Nisyros. This island is a extinct volcano. We went stern to the dock in Palon harbour. We had been told to make the trek up the mountain to see the crator but the bus going up were always full before they arrived in Palon and so we missed out. We have seen plenty of hot pools and thermal sights in NZ so didn't feel too bad at missing this. We were charged for 2 days even though we arrived in the afternoon and left the next morning!!! Mady was also overcharged in the bakery so needless to say we won't be returning to this island! Tomorrow we head for Leros.

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