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Getting Ready
02 May 2012 | Portland, Ct
Moved on board the boat on Monday and since then we have been busy getting ready for our departure. On Monday afternoon, Jack, the previous owner spent 3+ hours going over all the boat’s various systems with us and answering all our questions. It was easy to see he loved his boat and took great care of everything. Yesterday we had our sea trial, which went very well except for the weather - rainy and miserable for the trip up the river. Buddy (the surveyor) assures us we bought a good boat. On our return to the dock, all eyes were popping – the current was strong and we had to pull in close in front of another boat on the dock, but Bill impressed everyone with a perfect landing. You would almost think he had done it before!

Mike (and Jacob and Liam) arrived late afternoon yesterday with all our boat stuff, so now I have a fully functioning galley and Bill has a lot more of the things he needs. We have been doing lots of shopping – wish we could have brought everything we needed from Samjakeian but, of course, that wasn’t possible. It’s like setting up housekeeping (or should I say “boatkeeping”) for the first time. Today was grocery shopping and we are having our first meal on board this evening.

We hope to leave on Friday if all goes well.......