Shindig Bermuda Race 2012
Newport to Hamilton and Victory
Vessel Name: Shindig
Vessel Make/Model: Pearson 39.2
Hailing Port: Newport Rhode Island
About: Owner and Skipper Kevin Flannery and crew: Tim Gresla, John Riley, Ron Petrie, Cliff Robinson, Matt Costa, Blaine Parks, Steve Reider, RJ Kolton, John Dunn, Andrew Kelly
About: From the Chicago Mackinaw Race to Buzzards Bay and the Nantucket Figawi, the crew have raced together.
Extra: Race Begins in Newport, RI, June 15, 2012
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03 June 2012
Hello sailing fans,
02 July 2010 | 41 19'N:-71 09'W, Newport Entrance
It may be bad luck to say we made it, plently can go wrong still. I'm sure the Coast Guard has some stat that like automobile accidents lost happen close to home. Makes sense especially since most of our travel is near home. Regardless, we are about to make landfall and everyone is beginning to pack [...]
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