Simpatico Bermuda Race 2014 posted by Shindig
Pre-race, Newport, preparing Simpatico
Vessel Name: Simpatico
Vessel Make/Model: Pearson 39
Hailing Port: Cape Cod
About: Kevin Flannery, William Riley, John Riley, Peter Furze, Paul Furze, Dennis Ferreira
About: Often compeitors racing their own boats, the crew of Simpatico will be one of the most experienced crews in the race.
Extra: Race Begins in Newport, RI, June 20th, 2014
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25 August 2014 | newton, ma
Okay, this is hard to believe, this past weekend Bill Riley, the owner of "Simpatico", received a call from the chairman of the Newport to Bermuda Race and he told him that there was a mistake in calculating the handicap and that "Simpatico" didn’t place 2nd,,,,,,, She actually WON! 1st place in her division and 1st place in her class. Amazing. The details are sketcy, which is anohter flag for something else, but it was said that someone at US Sailing noticed an error in the ORR certificate of "Attitude" and that changed their corrected time moving "Simpatico" from 2nd to 1st. Two months after the race but better late than never.
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26 June 2014 | Bermuda
It's Friday morning, June 26, 2014. and I've just found out that we finished 2nd place in class #10 and 2nd place in our division! We are very happy, would have liked to have held on to first,,,, but,, considering the loss of an importan sail it would have been hard to do.
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25 June 2014 | 32 44'N:64 48'W, Approaching Bermuda
Hello race fans, well ---- things didnÂ't play out as we had hoped. After leading our class for approximately 550 miles we are now trying to catch up with the new leaders. What happened is that there was a large area of no wind in between us and the finish and since we were the lead boat we got there first and basically parked unable to move with little to absolutely no wind and we actually could see the boats that were miles away sail right up to us. Essentially this has given every boat a 2nd chance to win. The wind is back and we are again making progress but we lost half a day to no wind allowing our competitors to catch up and now many of those competitors have capitalized and are now in the lead. You might remember that our spinnaker couldnÂ't handle the load and blew apart and thatÂ's the sail we would have liked to have used right around day break today. Yesterday at this time we were expecting to have been finished but now we find that we are still 27nm from the finish. If these winds hold weÂ'll be on the dock in Hamilton before dinner. Instead of an assured victory our position is in question. Luck gets to have a say in the outcome of this race. Our work, sacrifice and risk that we took in the high winds and rough Gulf Stream may have had little to do in determining the outcome. Of course we have to count the trashed spinnaker and busted steering cable guide as casualties of our attempt to secure our early lead and if given the same scenario, weÂ'd do it again but if we knew that the light winds were to the extent that they were, we might have gone a little easier on the spinnaker. The crew is still in high spirits, tweaking speed where we can and having fun doing it. We are an affective crew and this race isnÂ't over yet. In the back ground Tom Petty is playing on the Bose and the chorus is Â",,, and I wonÂ't back downÂ". Currently itÂ's stifling hot and humid, dripping humid, sticky hot. Because of the long period with no wind the sea is fairly flat and the boat is smoothly gliding along at about 7kts, a very nice ride. Okay have you ever heard it said that if you watch the sun set into the ocean that there is a green flash? ItÂ's true, we saw it last night.
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