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S/V Si Bon
Who: Steve Cook
Port: San Diego, California
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U.S. Navy
10/23/2010, San Diego

I decided to put Si Bon back in the slip while I go to Catalina next week on S/V Jennifer K. I decided that yesterday would be a good time to go back due to the fact that Amber and Jeff could give me a ride back to my car in Coronado. As we headed up the bay with Amber at the helm (steering wheel) I noticed a very large warship also headed up the bay on her way out to sea. I instructed Amber to steer around a large tug boat and out of the main channel in order to stay clear of the warship bearing down on us. Amber did a excellent job of maintaining her course while staying out of the warships path. All of a sudden a Naval Security boat that guards the warships in and out of the harbor came racing up behind us and the young skipper was yelling something at us, due to not being able to hear very well and the engine noise I picked up my VHF radio and tried hailing the security boat...with no response back?? He fell back a little and then came back at us yelling again, I yelled back " why don't you hail me on 16 (emergency VHF channel), to which he responded...and I swear I'm not making this up "our radio doesn't work, but I wanted to let you know you're OK on your current course" duh... thanks for the important update dude. Now I ask you how the hell does a guy with no radio expect to guard a warship...does he yell 200 feet up to the skipper of the warship to warn him of pending danger? What if he has an emergency??? does he just start yelling for help. Note to the U.S. Navy, they have these things called hand held VHF radios which are great to have in case of equipment failure....I have one on Si Bon that you can use until you get yours fixed. God bless all of the men and women serving our country.

10/24/2010 | timmie
Somehow I am finding great humor in this very sad situation! Thanks for posting this, I feel so safe in our waters.
Mooring Ball Adventure
Amber Gilbert
10/22/2010, Coronado mooring anchorage

SOOO... Jeff and I spent the night on Si Bon for the first time since she docked herself on the Moor. The night began with a dingy ride, some wine and the infamous tuna noodle casserole (which the whole cook family is known to love). Once dinner concluded we hit the sack in the aft cabin... boy was that an adventure... not only did I hit my head on the ceiling but the military hoover crafts decided to do some training ALL night. Though it kept me up all night at least now I know that our military is working hard at protecting the US of A. Despite the long night I have to say that Captain Cook and Si Bon treated Jeff and I really well and we will be more than happy to return anytime.... but maybe not during hoover craft training on San Diego Bay.

10/22/2010 | ashley Cook
i wish i was there for that...miss you guys!!!!
The neighborhood
10/21/2010, Coronado Recreation center

Two important things while living on a boat are ways to stay in shape and trying to use someone else's hot water for a shower. Today I found both at the Coronado Recreation Center, their gym is great and as you can see I won't miss any of my fantastic view while working out here. I can either pay when I use (7.00 to workout and take a shower or 1.00 for just a shower) or I can sign up month to month for 40.00 a month....not a bad deal. There is also a nice dinghy dock right in front of the center that is about 5 minutes from Si Bon. Ohhh one other note, I have to wait until Nov. 10 to get those rates...senior discount.

"Mommy is that man homeless?"
10/20/2010, Coronado

Someone asked me before I moved on to Si Bon and out to a mooring ball what I was going to do when it rained. I think I gave them some sort of smart answer like "it never rains in San Diego". Mother Nature being who she is decided to test me and it rained almost all day and night on Tuesday. It wasn't really all that bad, I did the same as you would do and tried to stay in out of the rain. The fun started yesterday when before getting in the dinghy I under estimated how much water was in the dink from the rain, I fired up my 8 HP outboard and took soon became apparent that the dink had a fair amount of water in was slooshing about back and forth, my shoes were soaked immediately, the powerful 8 HP was straining and I knew I had to get the dink on a beach, drag it up out of the water and drain it..which is what I did. When I got to the dinghy dock I took off my wet shoes and socks, grabbed my duffel bag, noticed I had ripped out my cammies, and headed to my car..a sight for sore eyes..especially here in Coronado. "no honey that man lives on his yacht in the bay..he just looks homeless".

10/21/2010 | Vicki
Oh Steve, that is a riot!!! I am still laughing ... God has such great humor!!! LOL
10/21/2010 | Amber
hahahahahhahahahahhaha! of all people for that to happen to I find it especially funny it was you....
10/21/2010 | ashley Cook
this is fanastic!
10/21/2010 | Olga F.
Steve, I miss working with you and wish you will be my best friend, so I can talk to you any time I want...:) I enjoy all your posts and blogs...very cool!
Life on a mooring ball
10/19/2010, Coronado I am on my mooring ball off of Tidelands Park on the beautiful Island of Coronado (which is not really an island). Things are different here on the ball...there's no jumping off the boat onto a dock for the things that you need, I now use my dinghy to get back and forth to shore or to one of several dinghy docks in the area...I also just bought an inflatable kayak to use on short runs to the beach. Si Bon now turns around the mooring ball with changes in wind and view constantly changes as the boat constantly moves around the ball, one minute you can be looking out a port (window) at the Coronado look down to cut another bite off your fresh off the grill steak..look back out the port and you're looking across the bay at the downtown skyline. Ahhhh life on the ball is good.

10/19/2010 | Vicki
Gotta say ... nice view ... no matter how you look at it :)
Flying Si Bon
10/14/2010, Shelter Island Boat Yard

A thru hull is a hole in a boat which allows water (and other things) to go in or out of the boat, you are able to control the water (or whatever) by a valve called a sea cock. If a thru hull or a sea cock fail it is not a good thing, which is why a mariner should always carry emergency plugs on their boat..I have 3 different types of emergency plugs on Si Bon...they are one of the many things you have on board that you hope never to have to use.
I had several thru hulls and sea cocks on Si Bon which looked pretty questionable due to corrosion, and not wanting to test my many different types and sizes of emergency plugs decided to bite the bullet and have Si Bon hauled today and have about 6-8 of her thru hulls/sea cocks replaced. I already sleep very well on Si Bon but this won't hurt my nights rest.

10/14/2010 | Ambi Bambi
WOW!!!! Its like peter pan... glad you did this pops!
10/19/2010 | Vicki
Sounds like a wise decision ... better to be flying high then sinking low ...

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