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S/V Si Bon
Who: Steve Cook
Port: San Diego, California
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12/24/2010, Coronado by now everyone has heard about the great So Cal floods of 2010...yes it rained in San Diego for a whole week almost non-stop, there were two days that we received over 2 inches within a 24 hour period...can you imagine that??? As luck would have it I left for Park City about an hour before it started to rain....I was gone all weekend and when I came back I took one look at the bay and called my good friends Kim & Paul to see if I could seek shelter from the storm...since Kim and Paul were escaping the storm in Hawaii, they were happy to offer me their comfortable home to seek refuge. Yesterday the clouds parted and I was able to return home to Si Bon. As they say "there's no place like home", My boat break was MUCH longer than I had planned...but that's life on a boat, I was able to revert to my old ways of reading the newspaper every morning (so negative) and having 100 TV channels to watch and not finding anything to watch! I've slid back into boat life and am amazed it how easy day to day things are becoming, things that use to take so much effort and thought are now becoming more second nature. My next mini cruise is to Ensenada with my friend Rich and another guy named Gary whom I haven't met yet. We will be leaving on the 31st at about 0300 and staying down for about 4-5 days. Of course all times and places are subject to change for any number of reasons.

12/24/2010 | amber
awesome picture and i am really glad you didnt float away in the floods hahaha
Ski Blog
12/19/2010, Park City, Utah

So I know you're saying...what's a ski dude doing in a sailing blog? Most cruisers will tell you that in order to remain sane living on a sailboat that you must get off the boat periodically and get away, it's the only way you'll last long term. When my best ski buddy Russ Carlson, who at 67 will out ski most men half his age (except me of course), called me and invited me up to his beautiful Park City condo, it was just to good to pass up. I flew up to Utah on Friday and Russ and I skied most of the day Saturday, and a good part of the day today. Russ's condo is on historic Main Street right in the heart of Park City, we can walk to the lift, the restaurants and of course the bars. It's been snowing most of the time I've been here and after shaking off the rust from not skiing last season, Russ and I carved up the famous Utah powder on nearly empty runs. Skiing is one of my passions and although this has been a great little boat break, I'll be headed home in the morning and am looking forward to being back home on Si Bon.

12/22/2010 | Phil A
How can you pass up an offer to ski Utah powder? that snow is always good and you missed most of the Socal rain....seems like most sailors are involved in in other outdoor pursuits.........
Happy Holidays from Coronado
12/17/2010, Coronado

All of the parking meters throughout Coronado have been draped with green festive looking covers with the above message. What a novel idea....a community actually giving it's residents and visitors something for free...unlike the larger city across the bay, that other than large retirement benefits to it's former employees,
doesn't give anyone jack. Now I guess you could argue that it's some kind of marketing ploy (and not a bad one) to get people to spend their hard earned money in Coronado's rather pricey shops....but come on now, do you really think people are piling into their cars in Santee and flocking over to Coronado so they can save a few quarters...I don't think so...I think it's just one small part of this "Island Paradise" of which I'm falling in love with (it's not really an island).

One year later
12/16/2010, Coronado

It was one year ago today that I drove up to San Pedro and closed the deal on Si Bon, I spent my first of many nights on her before driving back to San Diego the next day. I have learned sooo much in the past year, both about Si Bon and her systems and about myself, I couldn't even begin to put it all in a blog. My original goal of leaving for my cruise in late 2010 or early 2011 is right on track as I am now planning a March departure. My friend Ric told me while I was planning my cruising that "you don't need to leave California to have a good time" Ric was so right, I've done four Catalina trips (one on Jennifer K), I've spent almost two weeks harbor hopping up So Cal and I've done so many Mission Bay trips that I've lost count of them, throw in all of the day sails and it adds up to a lot of sea time. Every trip has been packed with fun and adventure and I always think back to Ric's words.
There has also been much help from God, both in keeping me and my crew safe and in teaching me somethings, there was the time I took out all of my anchor chain/rode at the dock to inspect it and see how the chain/rode was marked, I went to put the chain back into the anchor locker and my windless (that's the winch that raises and lowers the anchor) stopped working leaving me with 200 feet of 3/8 chain and 200 feet of rode (rope) laying on the dock, someone walked by and said "that sucks" I looked to the sky and said "thank you Lord". You see 400 feet of anchor rode laying on the dock is a hell of a lot better than 400 feet of anchor chain stretching down to the ocean floor and a 40 knot wind blowing. There are not very many times in a sailor's life that you would have your anchor chain out at a dock...thanks again Lord. There was also the time a thru-hull broke, effectively leaving a 1 inch hole below the water line with water pouring into Si Bon, luckily a well respected Marine repairman was onboard at the time and we went about plugging the hole, replacing the thru hole (in the water) and hooking everything back up...all in a very controlled non panicky manner....thanks again. There have been many other little "God things" that I find myself saying thanks a lot.
Over the past year I feel that I've accomplished pretty much everything I set out to, I now live on my boat in San Diego Bay (not at a slip), I feel comfortable single handing my boat, I understand most of the many systems on Si Bon, I've met so many new friends, I've learned to SCUBA dive and all the time i really do feel that I am "living the life".
This pic is of two of the three large hovercrafts inbound to Camp Pendleton taken on my way back from Dana Point.

12/16/2010 | Ashley Cook
12/16/2010 | Karen
You inspire me! and YOU ARE living the life! Keep those dreams growing Steve!! Hope to sail with you again soon!
12/15/2010, Coronado

Why did I become a blogger? Originally I started to blog so my family, friends and potential crew members could keep track of what I was up to once I leave for Mexico and Central America. As everything else on a cruising Sailboat, you need to practice and test systems and applications before you head off to some foreign country that you don't understand or speak their language very well (does dos mas cerveza count?). I have found with blogging that it you don't post blogs regularly people will not check your blog regularly either. As you may know, I now post blogs often and I feel that people are now following me. Yesterday I was accused on Facebook of posting "wimpy " posts, by a former childhood friend who now spends most of his life in a bar drinking (sad) seems that taking a 41 foot sailboat on a two week local trip is "wimpy", but sitting in a bar is manly, (whatever). As I am preparing to head south I hope my blog gives you an idea of what it is like for a regular dude to prepare himself and his boat for both living aboard and cruising, I hope that it may help some other person dreaming of cruising to prepare, I hope it will give someone an idea of a nice place to visit, whether that place is Catalina, Dana Point (pic) or somewhere in Mexico or Costa Rica (you don't need to sail to them), and I hope it will inspire you to follow your dreams...whatever they may be.
One nice thing about Facebook is that you can delete the comment....and the person.

12/16/2010 | Ramon
I totally agree with you on the amount of blogging and content is a definite result on the followers.

I also would like to thank you those last few words. I love sailing and given these tough times, and trying to keep the head above water, it is inspiring to dream, believe and work towards that goal. I can totally see myself sailing off and it is just a matter of dealing with the present conditions but keeping an eye on the goals just beyond the present.

Work work work
12/14/2010, Sun Harbor Marina

It's been a VERY busy weekend for me, I arrived at Sun Harbor on Saturday morning and finished up the varnish prep on my port (left) toe rail, since it was about 75 degrees I was anxious to get the first of three coats on so it could begin to dry, Sunday I was able to get coat two on and yesterday I finished up. within the next couple of weeks I'll start on the starboard toe rail.
Yesterday I also serviced my massive 42 horsepower Westerbeck diesel engine for the first time. When I first bought Si Bon nearly a year ago, my friend Mike Richmond went up to San Pedro with me to bring Si Bon home to San Diego, Mike did all the servicing before we left, in August I hired a guy to service the engine. My friend/electrician Mark Burrows, who owned a diesel repair business before starting his marine Electronics business, came over and gave me a diesel 101 class on servicing my engine yesterday. It was a great chance for me to learn from a VERY experienced diesel mechanic.
When people learn that I retired at 54 they often ask me "don't you get bored" I just smile and say "no I manage to stay pretty busy".

12/15/2010 | amber
sounds awesome... work for me is staying up all night writing papers... can we trade??? hahaha love you :)

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