S/V Si Bon

Who: Steve Cook
Port: San Diego, California
21 May 2013 | San Diego
05 May 2013 | San Diego
19 April 2013 | Sun Harbor Marina, San Diego, Ca. USA
17 April 2013 | Ensenada to San Diego
08 April 2013 | San Diego (by land)
06 April 2013 | San Diego (by land)
03 April 2013 | Marina Coral, Ensenada, Baja California
29 March 2013 | Ensenada
25 March 2013 | Bahia Tortuga, Baja California
21 March 2013 | Punta Abreojos
12 March 2013 | San Jose Cabo
10 March 2013 | San Jose Cabo
06 March 2013 | Nuevo Vallarta
28 February 2013 | Paradise Village, Nuevo Vallarta mexico
26 January 2013 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico
04 January 2013 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico
23 December 2012 | Barra de Navidad
19 December 2012 | success and failure
17 December 2012 | Ixtapa to Manzanillo


26 January 2011 | Sun Harbor Marina (still)
A Max-Prop propeller (pic) is a low drag, high performance, feathering propeller (prop), it's blades change position depending on wether the engine is in forward, reverse or if you're sailing. It is a highly respected and VERY expensive prop that is full of intricate gears. ON Monday my diver, Alex (pic), discovered that my prop had a little to much play in the blades....bummer. Yesterday Alex pulled Si Son's prop and today I'll be shipping it to Washington to be machined, this is a process that with shipping time will take about two weeks (maybe). If I wasn't planning on traveling south into foreign countries, where there is no Vessel Assist, and it would be a MAJOR headache (only a minor headache here), to ship a 50 pound prop to the US, I would probably not be having it done at this time, there weren't any huge problems, although I have noticed some vibration a few times....we'll see if that is related?
So the bottom line is, here I am stuck at Sun Harbor Marina....I know that I shouldn't have disrespected this wonderful marina the other day by saying how much I wanted to get out of here and back to my ball.....now I'm "stuck" here for at least two weeks, and I can't even go sailing. I've slid back into marina life pretty well over the last 5 days....so don't feel sorry for me just yet. When handed lemons, make lemonade, so I'm going to take this time while "stuck" in the marina to enjoy a different style of life, and to get everything done for my trip....(maybe).
Vessel Name: Si Bon
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 411
Hailing Port: San Diego, California
Crew: Steve Cook
This is the plan.....In late 2009 after going on a wonderful charter to Turkey and Greece and seeing and living the cruiser lifestyle I decided to move into the next phase of my life. [...]
Extra: I am currently in Banderas Bay (Puerto Vallarta area), where I will be spending the 2012 hurricane season at the beautiful Paradise Village Marina.
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Who: Steve Cook
Port: San Diego, California