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S/V Si Bon
Who: Steve Cook
Port: San Diego, California
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Tsunami? What Tsunami?
Steve, Sunny warm nights
03/15/2011, Puerto Los Cabos, San Jose Cabo

We rounded the tip of the Baja yesterday morning as the sun was rising, and headed into the Sea of Cortez to the Marina Puerto Los Cabos. I'm happy to say that due to God's will and lots of preparation we had no real problems sailing down one of the most inhospitable, desolate, isolated and beautiful coasts in the world. It took us a total of 12 days including stops in Ensenada, Turtle Bay and a afternoon and evening rest stop at Bahia Santa Maria. The nearly 800 mile trip was done mostly under sail as we glided along wing on wing, sailing with the wind to our backs, we saw whales, dolphins and every few days we would see another vessel of some sort. Si Bon proved herself to be a very sea worthy cruising yacht and her ease in handling gave me plenty of time to reflect on my love of the ocean. The sail down Baja causes many people to scrap their cruising dreams as they imagine all sorts of issues. This may be considered a boring post as I have no horror stories to tell, we didn't hit anything, all of Si Bon's important systems worked, we didn't drag anchor and no pirates tried to mess with us, I did hear there was a Tsunami while we were gone but we didn't know anything about it until arriving in Cabo. I will say to anyone thinking of cruising what has been said to me many times by my now fellow cruisers, "cruising isn't really that difficult, you just need to do it" (Nike??). So prepare (not over prepare) yourself and your boat, untie the dock lines and get is good.
I will now turn my prayers to the people of Japan.

03/15/2011 | mark
Mission bay bait dock had some damage. I was on sd bay. The surges lasted through the day. Like watching the tide change every 10 mins or so. Glad to hear all is well.
Bahia de Tortugas
03/08/2011, Bahia de Tortugas, Baja California

Well here we are on the hook in Turtle Bay, one of my cruise books calls TB "coyote Ugly" and at first glance that is pretty accurate. TB once had a cannery which was closed in 1998, since then the town is supposed to have been in decline, however as we have walked around the streets of TB we all have marveled at how nice the small, simple homes seem to be, not any of the shanty type structures that you might expect to find in a little village at the end of a 135 mile dirt road.
Once again as luck would have it, TB is the sight of Carnaval for this entire region of Baja, last night as we were headed back to Si Bon we were caught up in the parade (a pick-up pulling a trailer) followed by people on their way to the festivities, with music blasting and people dancing wildly was pretty crazy as they tugged at us to join the parade and danced with us on the small dirt street.
Our current plan is to leave TB on Thursday and continue south towards Cabo San Lucas....subject to change.

03/08/2011 | amber gilbert
looks...interesting... and fun...
03/08/2011 | Frank Rogers
Looks like your having a great trip
Stay safe

Your little buddy
03/08/2011 | Mark
So Cool Steve, I'm glad everything is going well.
I sent my heat exchanger out this morning for testing and cleaning.
03/08/2011 | karen
Im enjoying your blog!! Keep it up! Have fun.. hope to join you somewhere in the world.. along the journey! even if it is only for a couple days!
03/09/2011 | Sandy Bilodeau
Would have loved to have a beer with you before you left, but I've had at least one sick kid in the house since Christmas, this time it's Strep - Tonsillitis - Mono. And that's just one kid! I don't like to inflict cooties on anyone, so I stay away. Glad to here about your adventures, just remember it's not a race! Don't be waking up the crew at 5:30 Ahab. Through-away-the-watch.
03/09/2011 | Sandy Bilodeau
Whoops~~That should be spelled~~ Throw
03/09/2011 | Kathy
OK - Admit it you were leaving today but had so much fun last night that you have to rest up for a day before heading out. Good for you. I look forward to hearing about the next adventure.
03/14/2011 | Sharon
So glad the blog is up and working again....sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Thats awesome. You deserve it.
Getting warmer
03/07/2011, Turtle Bay, Baja California

For some reason I wasn't able to get on to my blog while we were in I have a lot to catch up on, I'm sending this out from an internet cafe in beautiful (NOT) Turtle Bay and not able to post pictures..hopefully Manana.
We left San Diego at around 0200 on Wednesday morning, my friend Brian Brown got up and brought us donuts and saw us off...thanks Brian. We made excellent time and were at the Marina Coral in under 11 hours. On Thursday we cleared into Mexico with the Capitan de Puerto (port captain) and as luck would have it Canaval was starting, so Peter and I headed into town to check it out while Catherine finished up a few work related things. It was really cool to see how all of the Mexican families enjoy all of the festivities with their families and made us realize that all of the material things that we seem to not be able to live without in the US....don't necessarily equal happiness.
I was orginally planning on leaving Ensenada at 0530 on Friday morning..I had figured that that would put us into our next port (Turtle Bay) at around mid-day Sunday, after thinking about it I decided that trying to time a 275 mile trip was next to impossible, and part of the joy of the cruising lifestyle is to relax and not always be rushing I broke the news to my crew that we would leave sometime Friday morning and they could get up whenever their little hearts desired...this brought great joy to both Catherine and Peter...and the skipper didn't mind it a whole lot either.
We ended pulling out of Ensenada at about 1000 on Friday morning and had our sails up within minutes of getting out of the harbor, as we headed south the wind continued to build off our stern, we deployed the whisker pole and were sailing along at a steady 7-8 knots going wing on wing, that's where you have your main sail on one side of the boat and your head sail on the other. As the morning turned into afternoon the wind continued to pick up force...Si Bon was flying along...8-9 knots..I grabbed my camera to get a picture on my SOG (speed over ground) from my GPS, I took a pic at 9.3....all of a sudden we hit 10.2...i had to get another pic...I snapped one at 10.3 (will post on blog) and decided it was time to reef (reduce the sail area) the sails before things got out of hand. Even after we took in the main sail about half way and the Genoa several feet, we were still hitting 8-9 knots.
Friday night the wind died out and finally about 1900 we turned on the iron sail.
On Saturday we were treated to pea soup fog, however once again the wind came up early and strong as we sailed south at a great clip, everyone had that look of a little kid at Christmas as Si Bon cruised easily along. We sailed all day and well into the night before turning on the engine for a few hours as we past Isla Cedros towards Turtle Bay, we ended up dropping the hook in Turtle Bay at about 1430....which was about when I thought we would arrive before I decided to let everyone sleep in Friday morning.
I will try to post pictures tomorrow and tell you about lovely Turtle Bay...we plan on being here until at least Thursday...subject to change.

03/07/2011 | Fritz Richardson
Hi Steve,
I am so happy that your finally doing it. I love the part about doing 10Kts! Wow! Fair winds my friend.
03/12/2011 | patti bishop
Hi Steve, We have never met but I work with Brian Brown. He shared with us you trip and am enjoying you experience. I"ll be in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo in June 14-21 I will certinaly check at the marina to see if you"ve been there. good luck!!
Adios Amigos
03/01/2011, San Diego, California

Well the day has come...the crew is all aboard (pic)....the cupboards are packed...the fuel and water will be topped off later today. The plan is to leave Wed. morning at 0300 and sail down to Marina Coral, Ensenada, this should put us at the Coral around 1600. We will clear into Mexico on Thursday and spend Thursday night at the Marina Coral, weather permitting we will leave Ensenada on Friday morning and sail to Bahia Tortugas (Turtle Bay), Turtle Bay is about 275 NM south of Ensenada which should take us about 2 1/2 days. All subject to change of course.
Thanks to all of our friends and family for your support and prayers...God bless.

03/01/2011 | Dave
Be sure to check out Great Mexico info
03/01/2011 | Ashley Cook
Safari Njema! (safe travels :)! )

Love you pops!!!
03/05/2011 | Phil Anderson
adios Estados Unidos
bienvenidos Mexico
Carless in San Diego
02/27/2011, San Diego, California

After several weeks of unsuccessfully trying to sell my Chevy Tahoe, (asking $9900) on Craigslist and Auto Trader I took it by Car Max last week, I was expecting to be lowballed to death and on the way there decided I would be VERY happy if they gave me $8000...and I would be OK down to $7000. I didn't really have much choice in the whole thing (probably would have taken down to $5000), because what am I going to do with a car in California when I'm in some foreign country? I had plenty of friends and my kids that offered to let me park it in front of their house and they would start/drive it every once in a while...but you know how that would get old fast, besides I could use the cash. I almost fell out of the chair when they came back with an offer of $9000, and I had 7 days to think about it. Yesterday I took it over to Car Max, got my check and I am now, for the first time since I was 16..... carless.
At first it felt kinda weird, but as the day progressed I started feeling this overwhelming freedom come over me, the car was the last anchor to shore living and quite frankly it had become somewhat of a pain in the ass, even just doing local cruising and moving the boat between mooring, anchorages and marinas, I always was trying to figure out what to do with my car.
Crew is now all on Si Bon, today we start organizing our final shopping list and will go to the store later today or tomorrow to do final provisioning...our target date of March 1 is looking pretty good right now.....subject to change.

02/27/2011 | Mauriane e Luiz
Congratulations Steve !!!

Good Luck forever!!!
03/06/2011 | shaybo24
Max Prop and the mooring ball
02/23/2011, San Diego, California

Yesterday my Max-Prop went back on Si Bon, taking the VERY high tech prop off with Si Bon in the water was one thing, putting the intricate prop back on was another, it didn't help that my diver Alex had injured his hand last week and was limited in his ability to work with the very small pins and screws needed to hold it all together. Once the prop was back on my crew member Peter (pic) and I did a little testing, with Si Bon tied tightly to the dock I put the boat in forward and reverse several times to make sure everything was working, we then untied the dock lines and headed out into the bay towards the mooring field to strip my mooring line off the ball.
Once we arrived at the ball we were treated to a very tightly wrapped mooring line of which the two of us struggled with for close to an hour to free up and remove my expensive shackles and line. I made the decision over the weekend that I would finish my time in San Diego here at the marina, it was kinda sad to be leaving the ball for the last time, I have many great memories and lessons from my time spent on my ball.
My sadness didn't last long as we had about 10 knots of wind, we put up the sails and with Peter at the helm for the first time on Si Bon, we glided up the bay doing about 6 knots towards Sun Harbor Marina....our home for the next week.....or so.

02/24/2011 | Phil Anderson've cut the umbilical cord!!

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