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S/V Si Bon
Who: Steve Cook
Port: San Diego, California
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Enterprising children
07/07/2011, Club de Capitanes

Last night I decided to go to hora feliz (happy hour), to anyone that knows me that should come as no big surprise. I decided on a place called Club de Capitanes, which means Captains Club...seemed appropriate. Now let me tell you that hora feliz here is really happy, first of all a Pacifico is only 15 pasos, which is about $1.35 USD, second of all happy hour lasts until 7:00 PM. As happy hour was winding down in comes two of the cutest little kids you've ever seen, they each had a box of handmade jewelry with them, which is pretty typical here in San Carlos. The owners of Club de Capitanes and all of the employees seemed to know Gabriella and Ruben and after they made their rounds showing off their jewelry, the manager sat them down and brought them a large plate of french fries. As they sat, very politely I might add... and munched away at the fries, all eyes were on them, you couldn't help but adore them...they were so cute. After they finished up the fries they got up and VERY slowly made their way towards the door, again showing off their jewelry. Gabriella is quite the salesgirl, at 14 she speaks a fair amount of english, when I inquired about purchasing more than one bracelet she started offering me multi product discounts. So not a bad plan, wait till the customers have had a few brewskis, get some free fries from the restaurant and work the intoxicated gringos on your way out. So I'm sure Amber, Ashley and Shaybo are asking soooo did you buy anything? Well you'll just have to wait until I get back to find out.

Trash in Mexico
07/06/2011, any vacant lot

One of the things that use to disturb me when first arriving in Mexico, was how the Mexicans don't put their trash in trash cans. There can be a trash can right next to them and they just throw it on the ground. Why we even saw a police check point in La Paz where the police would confiscate cans and bottles, pour out the contents and leave the empties laying on the ground. Wanting to become submersed into the various cultures of the countries I visit, I have recently joined the wonderful people of Mexico and stopped using trash cans. It's really quite liberating when you finish eating a bag of Tostitos and instead of walking 10-15 steps to an empty trash can, you just toss it into the wind. Another nice thing here in Mexico is we don't recycle. We don't have a separate vacant lot for cans and bottles, everything goes wherever it may. We also don't have to remember when trash day is ...and with so many holidays it would get very confusing anyway. Now I know right about now my fellow gringos are shaking their heads and thinking Steve has really lost it now. But do we americans really think that we are doing the environment any better service because we put all of our garbage in one location? Here in Mexico we spread the trash across the land may even be better that way, who knows.
DISCLAIMER: this blog post is fictional. Steve still uses the trash cans even though the locals all wonder why I'm putting trash in the funny round container.

07/06/2011 | Susie
Oh thank god! I thought you had lost your mind!! Btw how is the Cherry Tree?
07/06/2011 | Amber
07/07/2011 | Steve Cook
I knew you'd like that Amber. Susie..I have lost my mind, I'm the only dude here that actually uses the trash cans. The Cherry tree is doing fine, it is in a safe spot.
All cleaned up
07/05/2011, San Carlos, Sonora Mexico

Before I left San Diego I had contemplated having Si Bon waxed. Si Bon had a few scuff marks here and there, both from all the work she had done and from the skipper occasionally brushing up against the dock. I had a couple of estimates that were $420-$600. At the time I was feeling maxed out on spending and decided that a scuffed up boat wasn't all that bad when cruising in a third world country. Well add 4 months of cruising, an anchor snubber rubbing against the side, more docking and somewhere around 1,500 miles and Si Bon was starting to look pretty grungy. Shortly after arriving in San Carlos A dude by the name of Jesus approached me, Jesus said that he would clean the boat, wax the boat down to the waterline and clean the stainless steel....all for $150 USD. This morning Jesus and his son Eduardo showed up at just before 0700, they worked all morning and finished just before noon. I'm gonna have to say that Si Bon didn't look this good the day I bought her...and when you think of all she's been through in the past year and a half...that's saying a lot.
Please say a prayer for the 7 fishermen still missing in the Sea of Cortez.

07/05/2011 | Shaybo
Holy cow she looks amazing. Jesus and Edwardo did an outstanding job!! :)
07/06/2011 | karen
WOW~ looking good! At first I thought you were talking about you two! I had to use the ZOOM! Cleaned up.. Yes SHES looking great! .. keep living the dream Steve! All the best!
Party boats
07/04/2011, San Carlos, Sonora Mexico

Yesterday (Sunday) I pretty much vegged out and did nothing for a change. Hanging around doing nothing gave me a chance to observe that comings and goings of the other boats here in Marina San Carlos. By last night I decided that this has got to be the party boat capitol of the world...or at least Mexico. There were boats of all shapes and sizes, fishing boats (most were not going fishing, pic), there were dive boats, there were waterskiing boats and there were boats that I'm not sure what you would call. The boats would leave the marina packed with people, music blaring and a few hours later they would return, drop off one group and pick up another group and head back still blaring. This went on all day and well into the evening.
The last two nights it's rained here in San Carlos. It's the first rain I've seen here in Mexico and it seems to cool things down a bit...or maybe I'm just getting use to the heat..either way I'll take it. No more vegging out for Captain Cook..there are a lot of things to get done before returning to the states in a couple of weeks....besides I do realize that writing blogs about doing nothing won't go over well with the blog faithful for very long.

mucho calor
07/02/2011, San Carlos, Sonora Mexico

It seems like each day the mercury rises a little bit here in the Sea...and the locals say it's just getting started. During the REAL heat of the summer they call it "the triple 100's" that means that the air temp is 100+, the humidity is 100+ and the water temp is 100. I think they are probably exaggerating the water temp...but not by much, as it is already well into the 80's. When at anchor you are able to jump into the water to try to cool off...but in the marinas that would be a last resort..and one I may be doing soon. All that said, I think my decision to return to the states for a couple of months, is going to turn out to be a wise one. Si Bon does have an air conditioner on her, but I haven't turned it on for nearly a year. If you don't exercise boat systems they tend to deteriorate and I would hate to cause myself more problems by turning on something that isn't really very effective on an uninsulated boat anyway. So I'm slowly chipping away at the things I need to do to Si Bon before I leave. Yesterday I did a little checking into getting a small Casita or condo for a week or so while I prepare to leave mexico sometime around the middle of the month. I want to try to look at a couple of places today. Well it's 0645 and it's already hotter than....well let's just say it's I need to grab some water and get going.

07/03/2011 | Rich
The temp here won't be too far off of what you're experiencing there, high 90's in East Co. today. Have fun and stay cool, Happy 4th.
07/03/2011 | amber gilbert
enjoy the fourth in the blazing heat!
Marina San Carlos
06/30/2011, San Carlos, Sonora Mexico

I made the whooping 6NM mile journey from Bahia Algodones to Marina San Carlos this morning. It's always interesting coming into a harbor that you've never been in before, it use to cause me great anxiety. I no longer feel anxious or nervous while doing most things on my boat...including coming into an unfamiliar port and into an unfamiliar slip...even when single handing. My confidence level has risen so much over the past year in so many ways. Now, please don't confuse my confident attitude with a cocky's not. I don't think anyone should ever feel cocky about docking a 41 foot sailboat, even with a full crew aboard. As is typical here in Mexico, there were plenty of people ready to help me in, and one of them, who I later found out is a ASA certified sailing instructor said "you brought that boat in real well". Confidence level went up another notch.
Marina San Carlos (pic) is a modern, full service Marina. Along with the usual facilities, there are art galleries, restaurants, wine bars, clothing stores a 5 star hotel and of course several cantinas. It is lined with multi million dollar homes and is a world apart from Santa kinda reminds me of a Monte Carlo type atmosphere, with out the high cost. Not that I've ever been to Monte Carlo.
For people following my spot messages on Facebook, tonight will be the last spot I send out until further notice, I will however continue to blog.
God Bless

07/01/2011 | Amber Gilbert
Glad your there safe and sound :) good talking to you this morning to... Good luck packing up all your boat stuff love you your in my prayers daily

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