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S/V Si Bon
Who: Steve Cook
Port: San Diego, California
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Radar love
07/16/2010, Catalina

Been sailing all night my hands wet on the wheel..... left Sun Harbor Marina, San Diego at midnight and were on mooring ball at White's Landing, Catalina at 1400. Watching radar and GPS all night (this is a shot of GPS coming into Catalina)...we saw plenty of dolphins, a whale pod and of course other vessels. Sailing at night is a whole different deal...... I've got a thing its called radar love.

05/11/2011 | shaybo
... and now you have Shaybo love also :)
Flying fish
07/16/2010, White's Landing

I heard some kind of noise in the middle of the night and poked my head out to investigate....thinking that maybe Marcus and rolled overboard.....when I saw everything was OK I went back to bed....I sleep VERY well on Si Bon. When we woke up in the morning it was discovered that this little fellow had the bad luck (for him) of landing on Si Bon's deck. I guess even flying fish love being on Si Bon.


What is an EPIRB?? and why does their cost approach $1000.00? An EPIRB is a Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon....anyone who has followed the rescue of Abby Sunderland should know that a pair of EPIRB's is what most likely saved her life. The way a EPIRB works is that when the shit hits the fan you either set the EPIRB off manually or simply tie it to the life raft and throw it in the water.....kick up a MRE and wait for SAR (search and rescue) to get there. When you consider the benefits of having an EPIRB on board of a cruising yacht....the cost isn't as shocking.

Cruising So Cal
06/06/2010, So Cal

Just finished up a nice week with two different out of town potential crew members. I'm excited about cruising the So Cal coast and am lineing up trips. I am now planning to take at least a month in August/Sept. and go coastal cruising in the beautiful So Cal waters. This means giving up the comfortable Sun Harbor slip, it also means that the rest of the projects need to get done quickly.
1. Solent stay and additional sail inventory. (started)
2. EPIRB. (this week)
3. Liferaft. (this week)
4. Solar panels. (good news for Mark Burrows)

06/07/2010 | Marcus Libkind
It was great sailing with you to Mission Bay last week. Si Bon is certainly well layed out and her speed was great even in the light winds. I look forward to our Catalina trip in July. Cheers. Marcus Libkind, San Francisco Bay.
Heavy weather sailing
05/23/2010, Sausalito

One nice thing about sailing in San Diego is we don't really get much heavy weather...the bad thing about sailing in San Diego is we never really get much heavy weather. Thats where the Modern Sailing Club comes in....just spent a week in Sausalito sailing with Captain JT Meade. We were hit hard coming out of the gate and Ma Nature didn't really let up much for the next 4 days. We had consistant winds of 20-25 knots and gusts over 30, we had seas of 10-12 feet with wind chop added on. The good news is that I came away neither intimadated or scared but with 110% confidence that I can handle those conditions. That nice thing about coastal cruising is that hopefully you can avoid those conditions by keep a close eye on the weather forecasts (hopefully).

Lining up crew
05/05/2010, San Diego

Si Bon is getting ready fast to go cruising. I now need to actively start lining up qualified crew. We will meet for a day sail and take it from there. Possible So Cal trips include;
Gloretta Bay overnight
Mission Bay two days
Catalina five days
Newport three days
Channel Island six days
Ensenada, Mexico five days
These trips are great fun and a good way for adventure sailors to get an idea of what the cruising lifestyle is all about. What course you take from there could lead you on the adventure of a lifetime.

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