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S/V Si Bon
Who: Steve Cook
Port: San Diego, California
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The Wirie Wi Fi booster
10/12/2010, Still in the slip

One of the many challenges that a cruiser faces is internet access, it kinda pisses me off that I have two GPS's aboard Si Bon which receive all of their info from a broad range of satellites but can't get internet access at sea without spending a fortune. While in port you either have to drag your computer off the boat into a wet dinghy and once ashore go find an internet cafe....or HOPEFULLY have a Wi Fi booster that will enable you to get online from the comfort of your own boat. That brings us to "The Wirie" a very simple, inexpensive and durable wi fi booster. I attach it to an extra halyard, run it up my mast a ways, put the USB cable through a hatch plug in and log on...but does it work? Well it does seem that my computer is running a lot faster here at the marina, but only time will tell...soo if you send me am IM on facebook and it takes me an hour to get back to you then we'll know that "The Wirie" is a bust..or that Steve should work on his typing skills.

10/12/2010 | Ashley Cook
i hope it works!!!!! :)
Sailing off into the sunset
10/09/2010, off calif coast

Well the move is complete and I am now a full time live aboard cruiser. I will be moving Si Bon to her new home in the bay off Coronado over the next week. Getting ready to do a So Cal cruise starting the first part of Nov. and am lining up crew for various legs. I encourage people not to take the frame of mind that most have and say " ohh that would be so nice, I would love to do that" and then it ends there. If you think you can handle a few days of total relaxation (most of the time) and be completely absorbed in Gods great creation, the ocean, then YOU have to make it happen. Send me dates that you could join me and I will make it happen for you...remember the name of my boat which means " so good" in french". In the mean time I'll be sailing off into the sunset.

Moving on board
10/05/2010, SAan Diego

Well the day is fast approaching that I will be living full time on Si Bon, there are a lot of things to consider when moving from a nice 1500 sq. ft. townhome onto a 41 foot sailboat....mail, storage, internet access, what to bring on board and what to put in storage and what to give away. There has been a lot of planning up to this point...I've sold my Corvette, my 52 inch HDTV, my stainless steel frig and even my 215 HP seadoo. It's exciting to think that next week at this time I'll be living full time on Si Bon.

10/07/2010 | Marcus Libkind
Good to hear that you are approaching that special day. I suspect that one of the joys of living on your boat will be that you "have less". Having less should translate into more time to enjoy what you love doing. I envy you for having that opportunity.

I managed to hitch a ride for a month in the Sea of Cortez cruising from Cabo (mid-November) north until we have to head to Mazatlan (mid-December). We will not have the time that you will have down there, but one takes what we can get.

Maybe we will run into (not literally) each other down there.

Have a great time.


oh give me a home...
Steve/skies were not cloudy
09/19/2010, Two Harbors, Catalina

Where the buffalo (bison) roam. This is taken at Two Harbors on our short walk to the other side of the island. Two Harbors is a great little place of which I will be spending more time in this winter, it has everything a cruiser could want...a grocery store, great showers, and of course a bar....and the skies are not cloudy all day (after the marine layer burns off that is).

Friends and long dink trip
09/18/2010, Catalina

I convinced my good friends Frank and Jeanette Rogers that we could take the dinghy from White's Landing to Avalon, a distance of 3.5 NM, about 1/2 way there I started to question my didn't help matters that the dink was poorly inflated even before we left. Once in Avalon we went to one of my favorite places, the Casino Dock Bar which is where this is taken. The trip back went much better after downing a few brewskis....and sipping Jeanette's boat drink.

09/01/2010, Catalina

I just returned from my second Catalina trip on Si Bon. Everything went very well, I am feeling very confident on my pencil and paper navigation skills, on picking up a mooring ball skills and as we returned to San Diego Bay after dark on my nighttime navigation skills.
Avalon is an interesting little town, the main mode of transportation is the golf cart...and as you can see they are everywhere. These are not your standard electric clean and quite golf carts...they are gas guzzling noisy, smelly golf carts and on a summer weekend they are everywhere, ridden by mostly obese people visiting from Los Angeles....most of whom would be better off walking the 2-3 blocks that Avalon takes up.

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