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S/V Si Bon
Who: Steve Cook
Port: San Diego, California
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Return from Mexico
01/05/2011, Pacific coast

We left the Marina Coral on Monday morning at about 1145 and as planned we started sailing soon after we got out of the narrow marina entrance. Si Bon is a fantastic light air boat, we had about 7-8 knots of wind, sailing between a reach and a broad reach doing about 5-6 knots, to a non sailor that means that the wind was coming towards us from an angle (using the clock) of about 8:00 -10:00. As is typical in this area the wind gradually decreased as the afternoon turned into evening, I had set a threshold of about 3 knots boat speed, meaning anything below that and we start motor sailing, we hung in there until about 1800,when we were down to 2 knots and Rich pointed out that someone could walk faster than what we were sailing, I knew it was time to suck it up and fire up the massive 42 horsepower Westerbeke. As you might know I love sailing at night, it's funny how small things can keep you occupied, as you are constantly on the lookout. As we approached the coast off of Rosarito Beach we came across a VERY large tanker which was about 10 NM ahead of us, we spent about 2-3 hours trying to figure out if he was underway and if so which way was he going, or was he just sitting off the coast waiting to load/unload at the Rosarito Premix facility? Turns out, after unsuccessfully trying to hail him on 16, that he was just sitting there going no where.
We pulled into Shelter Island Police dock to clear customs at about 0130 Tuesday morning, we cleared in with the littlest of effort (a story I don't want to tell on the blog). As the Skipper and crew were all tired and there were no Harbor Police around I decided we would go to sleep illegally at the dock until someone kicked us out, we were able to get about 4 hours of shut eye, got up made coffee and pulled away from the dock as the morning shift was arriving for work....sweet.
It seems that my adventures just keep getting better and better and this was one of the best trips yet...I'll be doing a recap blog in the next couple of days.

01/05/2011 | amber
And...... YOUR DAUGHTER GOT TO WAKE YOU UP!!!! getting back at you for all the years of waking me up at 5 am to do the dishes... sweet sweet vicory :)
Marina Coral
01/03/2011, Ensenada, Mexico

Our stay here at the Marina Coral has been amazing, Marina Coral is a new resort just north of downtown Ensenada, it has a 4 star hotel with full amenities which as a marina guest we are able to take advantage of....and we all have. The people here, both employees and the marina residents have been super friendly and very accommodating to us, I definitely plan to return here even if it is only for a brief stop on my way south.
Our plan is to leave the Coral sometime around noon today and sail (not motor sail) back to San Diego, right now the weather guess is calling for the wind to be in our favor until Tuesday afternoon and we should be back by then.....we'll see how that comes together.
This is the sunset last night over the beautiful Marina Coral.

01/03/2011 | mark
Great trip Steve. We spent the weekend
Camping plaster city. Very cold trip in the low 30.s
01/04/2011 | Ashley Cook
that is gorgeous!
No mas gringos
01/02/2011, Ensenada, Mexico

Congratulations to the US government and the US've now managed to scare the piss out of the american public and for the most part they now avoid coming to Mexico. The current drug cartel problems occur mostly along a narrow strip of the US Mexico border and unless you are a drug cartel member or a Mexican police officer you have nothing to worry about, and in my opinion are as safe here as you are are in the US....go pick up a newspaper and see how many innocent americans were killed in your city yesterday.
Last night as we strolled downtown Ensenada we were the only americans (gringos) to be seen, the mexican people were VERY happy to see us, we were given happy hour drink deals (2 for 1) without being happy hour, we were given good advice about a great mexican beer (Indio), and every time we started to cross a street the drivers would slam on their brakes and wave us across.
As we were standing in Hussongs last night and I was looking around at all the friendly mexican people I thought to know this place is actually a lot nicer WITHOUT all the obnoxious americans messing it my opinion.

Happy New Year from Ensenada
01/01/2011, Ensenada, Mexico

Finally made it to Mexico, what a beautiful sail (motor sail) we had down the coast, Rich, Lee and myself dropped my mooring line in Coronado at 0200 (2AM) yesterday and we were tied up at our slip at the Marina Coral at 1430 (2:30 PM). The Marina Coral is a really cool little marina, we were greeted by a local lady, Alice, who invited us over to her boat to start our New Years celebrating, we had some nice Hors d'oeuvres, I stepped on her cat (sorry) and we headed off to Hussongs Cantina (pic) to continue our New Years celebrating. OK so when you've been up since 2 in the morning your New Years celebrating doesn't last very long.....we were back on Si Bon by 2100 (9 PM) and fast asleep soon after. Today we will continue our exploring of Ensenada and hopefully can stay awake past dinner time.

01/01/2011 | Amber Gilbert
glad you made it safe! enjoy!!!
Christmas with my ex and planning my escape.
12/28/2010, My Ex wife's house

Everyone rolls their eyes when you tell them that you're going to your ex-wife and her husbands house(pic) for Christmas...But I have a REALLY small family and she has a REALLY big family, so it only makes sense that instead of dragging the kids all over town we just suck it up and do Christmas all together...besides for the most part we get along, that's one reason our kids turned out so well. Never the less other people still seem to have a problem with it. You should have seen the year Gilbert and I co-coached the kids soccer team, it took the other parents most of the year to get use to the idea.
My next trip to Ensenada is approaching fast and I am once again glued to the weather forecasts (guesses), right at this moment it looks good for leaving on the 31st at around 0200 and being at the Marina Coral at around 1600 just in time for a Mexican New Years. There are a couple of concerns besides the weather; 1. Mexican pangas (small fishing boats) loaded with illegal migrant workers, unlit and traveling at a high rate of speed. 2. Aquaculture pens, also unlit and not marked on charts. Nether one of these things would be good to come in contact with, my plan is to reach the US Mexico border at first light so as to be able to spot either one of the above...the only thing that could throw a stick in the spokes is if we get heavy fog, in that case we may change plans and head in a different direction. Which ever way we go I am now busy in preparation stage and excited to get going....wherever that may be.

12/29/2010 | amber
thanks for coming over and making it easier on us... you should blog about the awesome present your oldest daughter got you ;)
12/30/2010 | Catherine Buchanan
Proves you are truly an easy going guy. Practical too. Have fun in Ensenada, Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas
12/25/2010, Coronado

Those that know me know that I am VERY spiritual....I pray before I get up in the morning...I pray before I eat...I pray before I go to bed at night and I pray many other times throughout the day, however I rarely go to church, I like to say I'm a three times a year guy. Well one of those times is Christmas and last night I went to the mega church The Rock (pic) with my two daughters and my son-in-law. The pastor , Miles McPherson (former SD Charger), always has a great message and presents it in an entertaining way. I hope that as we all go about our busy days today we stop to think about the real reason for this day, I hope we embrace our family and friends and give thanks to Jesus Christ for all that we have in our lives.
MERRY go open your presents.

12/26/2010 | amber Gilbert
soo much fun to go with you pops!! and a wonderful message indeed... jesus lives :)

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