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S/V Si Bon
Who: Steve Cook
Port: San Diego, California
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Puerto Vallarta
02/18/2012, mmm...Pueto Vallarta

Today we made the 4 nautical mile (NM) passage from Nuevo Vallarta to Puerto Vallarta. You might think that a 4 NM wouldn't make to much difference in our overall style of life....think again. We are now in the mega marina, Marina Vallarta. As we made our way into the marina entrance this morning we had to squeeze past a 200 foot mega yacht on her way out, and then tied up in the middle of the lifestyles of the rich and famous.
As we weigh out wether or not to stay in Banderas Bay for the 2012 hurricane season, one of the main factors is where to keep Si Bon. Marina Vallarta is a kinda run down, however, well protected Marina. MV is surrounded by many restaurants, bars, condos and luxury hotels. It's kinda funny that the marina is so freaking run down but the tenants and surrounding area is so upper end??? We'll be here for at least two nights and then we'll make our assessment of wether this is where Si Bon (and Steve) will spend the hot summer months of 2012. This is a tough life with so many difficult decisions to have to make...think I'll have another Pacifico and try to decide..salud.
P.S. the little sailboat in the middle of the Pic is Si Bon.....and I always thought she was so big.

02/18/2012 | Mark
So cool, some day, just wait, some day, you'll be telling me where to go and i will be taken lessons from you.
The other day when I was sailing in the rain, this gal told me "but its raining"
What's wrong with this place?
02/16/2012, Nuevo Vallarta

When we first arrived in the tourist Mecca of Nuevo Vallarto over two weeks ago I remember thinking, " OK, we'll meet Kathy and Brian, have a little tourist fun, and then get the hell out as fast as possible". Well once again things didn't go completely as planned. We are still in Nuevo Vallarta. The longer we are here the more I am thinking that this will be our base of operations for the foreseeable future. Within a 2 hour sail we can be in La Cruz or Puerto Vallarta. Yesterday we went to the mall in was a VERY nice mall and tomorrow we're going to go watch a movie in english there....and then maybe afterward we'll go shopping and have dinner at Chilies, or maybe just grab a Big Mac. OK.. OK so I know right about now you're probably thinking...WAIT a minute...what happened to all the "old Mexico" shit he's been talking about for the past year? MacDonalds?? Chilies?? Steve must have given up on the street tacos and little Mexican Cantinas where 1.00 beer flows freely. Not the case at all. Within 1-2 day trip we can get all of "real Mexico" as we want. We can sail to many different anchorages and Marinas and eat as many street tacos and drink as many 1.00 beers as our little hearts desire. Banderas Bay is well protected from Hurricanes and is a popular place to summer over in Mexico...which is just what we may be doing. Subject to change of course.

02/16/2012 | Debbie and Mark
Hey u guys! Love your blog. Looks like you have been having a great time with Sharon's relatives. Were on our way back to Banderas Bay for the Regatta on Mar. 20-24. We are going to spend sometime in Manzanillo and Barra before getting there. Were in Caleta de Campos tonight and heading north to the next stop. Take care! Hope to see u down the road. PV is very nice!
02/16/2012 | Kathy
Tourists in Paradise
02/11/2012, Puerto Vallata

WOW....what a week it's been. We've been so busy being tourists with Sharon's family that I haven't had a spare moment to sit down and blog. since my last blog on Monday we've had quite an adventure, I'll try to keep it as short as possible. On Monday evening we attended a "Beach Party" at the Mayan resort, which included dinner, drinks and a show....which Sharon and I actually became a part of. A great time was had by all and as usual Sharon and I took full advantage of the "all you can drink" part of the party. On Tuesday Brian had booked a "City Tour" which took us all over Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas. We ended the day hopping off the tour bus in downtown PV and enjoying dinner and drinks overlooking the beautiful Banderas Bay....where Brian saw his first Green flash...and yes, it does really exist, ask Brian. Wednesday evening we boarded a large party boat and headed across the bay to see "Rhythms of the Night", which is a wonderful Mayan fire dance reenactment, in a "Survivor Show" atmosphere. This trip also included the "all you can drink" thing...however, the Rum Punch contained MUCH more sugar than rum. Thursday morning we woke before sunrise and left for our tour of San Sabastian, which is a former silver mining town located high in the mountains above Puerto Vallata. As we made our way to the meeting area in the dark, we both reflected on how happy we were about the watered down Rum punches the night before.
The San Sabastian tour could almost be a separate blog. We started the day stopping at an old Hacienda which is now a Bed and Breakfast, it was the first true Hacienda I've seen and a truly amazing peak into Mexico's past. Next we went to a Family owned coffee plantation where we learned about the process of growing and harvesting the coffee beans. After a nice lunch we walked into the small town of San Sabastian, which at one time was a bustling, however isolated, Silver empire.
Before Kathy and Brian left for home yesterday(pic), someone asked what part of the week they liked best, none of us could really answer that question as each part held special moments. Although many cruisers tend to stick to the non-tourist activities, we feel that it is as important to enjoy the many tourist activities as it is to relax in a remote anchorage. Just our opinion.

02/12/2012 | Phil Anderson
A group of 40 plus had Thanksgiving dinner at the Hacienda at San Sebastien, turkeys cooked in pit in the ground for 14 hrs.,complete with mariachi band and good tequila......if you get the chance..consider an overnight excursion to the town of Tequila...about 3 hrs. Inland....a beautiful town
02/12/2012 | kathy
What great time we far, my best memories of this vacation were time spent with you and Sharon and sailing on Si Bon! But there was nothing about this vacation I didn't like! Glad to see your internet is back up. Love you guys!
02/06/2012, Nuevo Vallarta

Sharon's Mom Kathy, and her Uncle Brian arrived to Puerto Vallarta on Friday. Yesterday we decided to sail over to La Cruz for brunch and to visit the Sunday Arts fair. As is typical in the early morning hours there was no wind and we had to motor the 5 miles over to La Cruz. After tying up at the guest dock at Marina La Cruz, we enjoyed a nice breakfast and then strolled around the Arts Fair and through the small town of La Cruz.
Although there had been a nice breeze that had come up during had pretty much died out by the time we were pulling out of the marina. It's always disappointing for people who want to go out for a sail, and we end up motoring around all day. They probably are asking themselves "gee why don't they just buy a power boat?". To tell the truth, I sometimes find myself asking the same question. As we cleared the harbor entrance a slight breeze (3-4 knots) kicked in and I thought....damm it, we're putting up the sails and sailing. So up went the sails and Kathy took over for her first time at the helm of a sailboat. At about the same time as kathy took over the wind almost immediately jumped to 10 knots...then 12 and we were sailing. After about 30 minutes Brian took over (pic) and the wind stayed consistent, maybe even added a knot or two. Steering a sailboat under sail for the first time is not always easy, but both Kathy and Brian did a superior job of holding their course, even while watching some distant whales. So we may have two new crew members....if we can just get them use to living in a shoebox.

Mexican signs 1
02/04/2012, any Bano in Mexico

We always get a kick out of the signs here in Mexico. Sometimes a sign in English will have a word misspelled, or maybe they'll have the words in the wrong order, after all there are a lot of phrases in Spanish that are said in reverse of english. Most of our favorite Mexican signs have been involving the most basic of human needs...the bano. Now ya gotta love the fact that the Mexicans seem to take great pleasure in poking fun at what us Americans seem to want to pretend no one needs to do. You have to admit that the following signs are a lot more fun than the blue silhouette of a man or woman.....especially when ya gotta go.
Oh....and please don't pee on the floor guys.

Mexican signs 2
02/04/2012, Any Bano in Mexico

When the urge hits!

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