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The Voyages of s/v Silverheels III
...a virtual ship's logbook, and some thoughtful (unabashed?) reflections on our sea-going experiences.
The Rum Dilemma… and Problems with Peanut Butter
02/04/2016, Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe

There are certain things that we get accustomed to. Heinz ketchup can't be replaced by anything else. Barbecue sauce, on the other hand, is an ongoing experiment, and there are some excellent local brands. Mustard, well, with two or three different kinds on board, something will work out just fine, and the French certainly have the selection when it comes to moutarde.
We (Ken) has a strong preference for one kind of rum to mix with his Diet Coke (we have found that there are some acceptable alternatives to the real D.C. for our taste buds). That rum is from Grenada, but there are some other ones that are quite acceptable substitutes that are produced on other islands. This isn't high end stuff, just decent plonk that goes well with Ken's sundowner of choice (I am much more flexible, partly because migraines are not a concern for me). However, in the French islands, they make their rhum a little differently, and it has a huge impact on the flavour of the rhum (rum). It doesn't mix particularly well with Diet Coke. There are some great aged sipping rums, depending on your preferences, and the unaged rhums are well matched for a ti ponche or planter's punch, but finding something that works well with coke is a bit of a challenge. However, we are taste testing in the occasional bar to see if we can find something acceptable, since we aren't in a rush to leave Guadeloupe, and our supply is getting very low.
Peanut butter is another concern altogether. The French don't "do" PB. Lord knows that if it has chocolate in it, they have a thousand different ways to consume it, but not peanut butter. And PB is a staple on our boat. A spoonful with a banana before a long run is excellent fuel for me, and sometimes it is that needed kick in the middle of the day. There is something sublime about a PB&B sandwich at times. We have found it in the supermarkets, but a small jar is quite expensive, and not always a good quality peanut butter, either. We are experimenting with generic Nutella type spreads as an alternative; surprisingly, less fat, but also far less protein, which is one of the benefits of peanut butter. However, chocolate spread with some salted peanuts makes a pretty tasty combo. I am trying to ration my consumption of PB as much as possible. We have a friend flying down to visit... I've asked her to bring peanut butter.
Thankfully, we have plenty of Heinz ketchup in the bilge. The rest, well, we will have to find a compromise while we are here. And I've given up on almond butter, unless I want to consume something that is almost worth its weight in gold down here (and the French don't have that, either).

Limin' in the Caribbean
02/04/2016 | Gary Holford
Regarding Heinz, you may know that they closed their plant pulled out of Leamington a couple years back. Yesterday French's (mustard people) announced they were going to start making ketchup with Leamington tomatoes. Just saying
02/04/2016 | Lynn
I heard about the Heinz fiasco. I already do my best to avoid Nestlé products (quite difficult at times!). When French's is available everywhere, I'll try them out. Sadly, some tastes are hard to change... although we had an intriguing French ketchup today.
02/07/2016 | phil971

I'm also a PB fan and happen to live in Guadeloupe. The best and cheapest one I found on the island is from Leader Price discount supermarket (only, €1,92 a jar). There is one in Gosier not far from you guys (at the exit of town towards Sainte Anne).

All the best!
02/07/2016 | Lynn
Merci beaucoup! The big one with the pharmacy in the plaza, on the main road... and the guy out front with the excellent poulet roti! Yup, know it well! Good to know LP has it. They have a lot of good stuff (their diet coke knock off is quite good).
The Days of the Week
02/01/2016, Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe

Ken wants to get a day of the week clock; rather than show the time of day, it tells you what day it is. He's been talking about this for a couple of years now (there was a touch of jealousy when our friend Jeff got one for Christmas). It actually isn't hard to forget what day it is, as we don't have a set schedule when we aren't around Grenada. In Grenada, the net keeps us in line (especially when I am a net controller), and the shopping bus and Hash also are reminders of what day of the week it is. Now, well, we don't have those markers.

Yesterday morning I chose to not go for a run, and instead decided to make it a rest day. I figured I would do a long run on Sunday, as the decreased traffic meant a run by the Riviere Sallee, which requires cutting through the square in PaP, would be more enjoyable and less "involved". We enjoyed a nice morning, and got an early start on getting some groceries. Ken opted to stick around the marina area and do some WiFi, as his back wasn't up to the promise of a 4 km round trip to the supermarket.

I observed a noticeable lack of traffic for a Saturday. Hmm, must be because of Carnival. The supermarket wasn't very busy for a Saturday, either. Bonus for me!

Ken observed the closed businesses around the marina, and figured it must be Sunday. Comments on the "Friendly Net" that morning also lead him to believe that. He mentioned this to me, but I was positive that it was Saturday. Geez, Ken, get with it!

Well, this morning I went for my long run. Man, what a lot of traffic for a Sunday morning, and why were their so many cars going into the university? It wasn't until I saw school kids waiting for the bus that I finally clued in that it was in fact Monday today, not Sunday. [[face palm]]

However, I am still pretty sure that it is 2016.

Limin' in the Caribbean
02/01/2016 | Genia
LOL. At least you know the year. I still write 2015 sometimes on my work notes...
02/01/2016 | Izzy and Jeff
We use that clock regularly! It hangs prominently in our salon. I highly recommend it!
02/04/2016 | Wendy
If my watch didn't tell me, I wouldn't know what day it was either. And it happens even when we are not on the boat. One of the joys of retirement.

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