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The Voyages of s/v Silverheels III
...a virtual ship's logbook, and some thoughtful (unabashed?) reflections on our sea-going experiences.
Got Some `Splainin' to Do!
11/22/2015, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

One of the problems with moving around is that certain things can be neglected. This blog is a prime example. Four weeks since the last post? Yeesh.
Since the last post, we have travelled through the southern Grenadines, spent a week in Bequia, sailed past St. Lucia to Martinique, and are now back in Rodney bay, St. Lucia.
We have new wooden oars for the dinghy that make rowing much nicer, and it has been over a month since we last used the outboard (it started first pull for me when we finally put it on the back of the dinghy again). It has been quite nice to row the dinghy ashore instead of using the Yamaha; between the fuel savings and the exercise, it has been a good change. Thankfully, our inflatable is pretty decent to row. It has also encouraged us to walk more in some anchorages, like Bequia, as it is easier to walk around than to try to row the width of the harbour.
In Carriacou, I helped with starting the Carriacou Hash House Harriers. Hopefully they will keep things going.
We spent time in Chatham Bay, Union Island. Since we discovered that Ken dropping me off with the dinghy and then hovering with the mothership while I go deal with Customs and Immigration works well (I row ashore, of course), checking in and out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Union Island is much more convenient. We then spent some time in Mayreau at Saline Bay. This time I discovered that there IS another bakery that bakes fresh in the morning, and they also do "locally priced" food. Mayreau's restaurants are a little pricey, in our opinion, so finding a place with very affordable options was like finding treasure. And their bread is excellent. Just ask for Simon's place.
We enjoyed a week in Bequia. The first nice weather opening didn't appeal to us, so we stayed an extra week. It was nice to catch up with Cheryl from "The Fig Tree", and Ken did a stint as guest net controller for a day, and we met up with our "boss", Sally, Editor and Chief of 'Caribbean Compass'. Since she actually pays us for our articles, she's our boss. Bringing her some of the excellent chocolate from Grenada or Dominica is appreciated, too.
Our trip north was a little "different". After waiting for the Immigration officer in Bequia to return from the visiting cruise ship, we were ready to depart. We ended up getting to the Pitons just as it got dark, and decided to try to find a mooring, if any were available. Even with the powerful spotlight, the balls were not easy to see. Fortunately, one of the "boat boys" was around and saw us, and led us to the last available mooring. It was truly one of the few times I have been ecstatic to see one approach our boat. The next morning we were off north to Martinique.
We chose to pass St. Lucia (a typical "I've been thinking" moment) to go straight to Martinique to get a little shopping done. We went straight to Fort de France to better enable getting "the good stuff". A trip to the most excellent sporting goods store, Decathalon, was required, and we were getting awfully low on coffee beans. Plus I may have mentioned something about champagne to our friends doing the ARC+ Rally from the Canary Islands, to the Cape Verdes, and on to Rodney Bay. We found some new pots (Tefal has nesting pots with a removal handle now) and of course, some coffee beans. And maybe a few lovely European cookies. And the champagne (it was on sale).
We had a very relaxed trip with nice conditions back south to Rodney Bay, where we are now just limin' for about 2 weeks before 'Distant Shores II' arrives on the ARC+.
I may do a few more detailed posts about some of the events I outlined here. Rainy days can be good for that.

Limin' in the Caribbean
11/23/2015 | francis
yes......and you still got more 'splaining to do.....!!
i was wondering what happened to

i was wondering if yall dropped of the circuit like.'Receta'.....another cruising couple i used to follow.....its been a few years since i haven't seen or heard about them....!! any idea?
Trying to Stay Dry in Rodney bay

Internet has been sporadic for us, so blog updates havent been easy. This is a quick one to say we are still absolutely fine!

It is a rainy day, so it looks like a good day to stay in and do some writing. There is a fair amount to catch up on!

Limin' in the Caribbean
11/22/2015 | Jonathan
Thanks for the recommendation about the Dyer!

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