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"Sail fast and live slow"
Puerto Balandra, Isla Carmen
Connie, warm and 12-15 knots of wind in the harbor

We motored on a calm morning 15 miles from Honeymoon cove to Puerto Balandra on Isla Carmen. It's a beautiful round bay with a narrow entrance so it's protected on all sides except one. We anchored in about 15' of turquoise water with a white sandy beach and hills all around. We went ashore and found that there was a lagoon behing the beach that emptied out into the bay. When it was dinner time, bees came for dinner! They were very pesty and kept flying around me and getting in my face when I was trying to cook dinner, so Ed had to stand near me with the fly swatter to keep them away. It's the only time I've cooked dinner with Ed swishing the flyswatter around me the whole time! Then we had a seagull who was looking for a handout. He kept sitting on the dinghy and looking at us, expecting us to throw him fish, I guess. We would jerk the line for the dinghy and he would jump off, only going 2' away, then he'd hop right back on the dinghy and stare at us. He was persistant!! When he pooped on the dinghy, Ed had had enough and got out his sling shot and shot rocks at him. Every time Ed shot a rock near him, he'd just fly or swim about 3 or 4 feet away and continue looking at us. The funny thing was, when we met up with some friends in another bay and mentioned the persistant seagull, she laughed and said they had fed some scraps of fish to a seagull in that bay. So I guess now he expected all boaters to feed him!!

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Honeymoon Cove
Connie, warm and calm
05/30/2011, Honeymoon Cove on Isla Danzante

We arrived in Honeymoon Cove after motoring 5 miles from Puerto Escondido in calm weather. This cove is very small with 3 lobes, like 3 fingers spread out, and each lobe can only hold 1 or 2 boats. We were lucky because it wasn't crowded and we found a spot to anchor. Two of the 3 lobes are very shallow and the water is a beautiful turquoise color with soft white sandy beaches. It is a small, cozy, private, beautiful, and (could be) a romantic spot to anchor. There was a reef off one point and we snorkeled there but didn't see many fish.

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Santa Rosalia
Connie, windy and cool
05/30/2011, Marina Fonatur, Santa Rosalia

As I'm writing this blog, sitting in our boat in Santa Rosalia, there's a cold north wind howling outside at 25-30 knots. What a change from 3 days ago when we arrived. It has been very hot, humid, and uncomfortable, around 90 degrees and 80% humidity, until today when the wind blew. It only got to 71 degrees in our boat today. The marina has a small swimming pool where we cooled off on those uncomfortably hot days. It was a great way to spend the hottest part of the afternoon, floating in the pool on the second story deck overlooking the dock and boats. On Saturday there was a wedding reception here at the marina. It was fun watching the preparations-one woman tied bows around 340 chairs!! I bet her hands were tired after that! It got started late as it's too hot to do things during the daytime here. People were just arriving after 9:00 p.m. while the bride and groom were getting their pictures taken. Around 10:00 they were eating dinner, then after that there was music and dancing until 4:00 in the morning!! We've enjoyed exploring this old mining town and will see more of it while we stay here for another week. The mines have been closed down for over 10 years, but a Canadian mining Co. has bought the mine and put billions of dollars into getting the mines running again. I'll be catching up on our blogs now because for the last 2 weeks we stayed in rural anchorages with no internet connection.

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Puerto Escondido

We're in Puerto Escondido now and have enjoyed a week here. This is a very big harbor that can hold 150-200 boats. It is almost totally enclosed with just a narrow entrance (60' wide) behind a large point of land. So it is very protected. It has 2 low areas between the hills where you can see the ocean outside. These are nicknamed the windows. This is a nice calm place to stay for a while. There is a small marina with 10 slips, a fuel dock, a dry storage yard, a small store and a restaurant. We rented a car to go to Loreto, 15 miles north of here. There's an interesting old mission and quaint downtown area. Ed took me to dinner for my birthday at a wonderful restaurant. It had the best filet mignon's and we ate in a beautiful tropical looking patio. It was very nice. We enjoyed sightseeing in Loreto and seeing how it had grown (a little, not much) since we had been there 10 years ago. On our last day here our good friends, Leif and Lisa on Honcho, arrived. It was great to see them again and we got together for dinner at the restaurant here to catch up on what each other has been doing. Unbeknownst to me, the 3 of them conspired with the restaurant owner, Pedro, to celebrate my birthday. Pedro snuck up behind me with a birthday cake and they all sang Happy Birthday to me. Then Pedro sung Las Mananitas (the Mexican birthday song) to me and a large family at the next table all joined in singing. It was such a moving and wonderful moment. We leave tomorrow heading north to explore more anchorages and end up in Santa Rosalia in about 2 weeks.

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San Evaristo, Los Gatos, San Marte, and Agua Verde
05/13/2011, 4 anchorages on Baja

We went from Isla San Francisco to San Evaristo on the Baja side. This is a well protected bay from north weather and it has a small fishing village. We ended up getting stuck here for 4 days while a Norther blew. The bay stayed calm even though the wind blew hard, as much as 35 knots. Sometimes it was a little hard to sleep at night with the wind howling outside, but inside the boat you couldn't feel any movement because the water was calm. We only went ashore once to walk around and explore the town. Then we left for the next bay called, Los Gatos, only a few hours away. The sandstone bluffs around this anchorage are beautiful. There are several colors of dark and light pink swirled around in the smooth sandstone so that it looks like saltwater taffy. A group of kayakers came in and camped on the beach. The guides set up camp before they came in, with tents, chairs and tables, then they cooked dinner for them. When they left the next morning to kayak to the next bay, some of the guides break up the camp and put everything on the pangas and take it to the next bay. What a nice way to go kayak/camping!! We left Los Gatos and went a few miles to San Marte. It was another nice anchorage tucked in behind a point of land and a reef, so it was well protected. We had the bay all to ourselves, which was great. Again, it was beautiful clear green water and we went snorkeling on the reef. We saw many different fish and it was like snorkeling in an aquarium. The next day we went around the point and into Agua Verde, about 5 miles away. This anchorage has 3 lobes and 2 of them have gorgeous green water, hence the name Agua Verde. We also snorkeled on the reefs here and again saw many beautiful fish including a sea snake. There is a small fishing village here and every day the fishermen go out in their pangas and come back at the end of the day with fish, which they sell right on the beach. A refrigerated truck comes and takes away the fish, and they pay the fishermen. We walked into town and bought a few things at the grocery store. There is a small church and a school in the town. We enjoyed this anchorage so much that we stayed here for 2 days.

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Isla San Francisco

After Partida we motor-sailed for about 3 hours to the island of San Francisco. This anchorage is a beautiful crescent shaped bay with white sand beach and clear green water. We went swimming and snorkeling, even though the water was still a little cold. The next morning we took a nice hike along a ridge overlooking the bay with beautiful views. I found 2 chocolate clams when I was snorkeling and we took them back to the boat to try. We bar-b-qued them and one was so tough and rubbery we couldn't eat it, but the other one was tender and good.

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