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A Zulu name for "We dance with each other"
Beaufort, South Carolina

The "low country" between Beaufort SC and Savannah Ga. appears fascinating on the charts. Rivers, basins and bays abound. We will spend this Oct/Nov exploring here before setting sail to the south in December. With an upgraded watermaker,we'll have so much water, we may open a drive thru boat wash. If not that, stop over when it's hot and we can run under the sprinkler.
Must buy a fishing belt. The fish are BIG.
Hey, check out the July cover of Cruising World. They put us on it!

11/18/2008 | Tom Maletic
Spent a week at Edisto Island, SC, about halfway between Charlestown, Sc and Savannah, GA. Beautiful estuary, beaches, dolphins, etc
February to May

The Miami Boat Show is one of the larger shows in the country. Siyasinana was oogled at by many and we did our best to make it look like we did'nt live on her. That included taking Rosti our sailing cocker spaniel to the doggy hotel. One nite in Coconut Grove, where we anchored for a week before the show to clean etc., Lisa wakes me up around midnite to check out the awsome torrential rain and lightning. OK. While admiring mother nature I look ahead to our friends on a 42 ft cat. Oh my gosh, there's a monohull adrift in the 30 knots coming thru the anchorage and its wrapped around the bows of our friends cat. Jump in the dingy to assist. The mono's dingy sunk and was stuck/wrapped around his bows. I was just about to board and help when she lets loose, ehich was good, but was now drifting right onto us, which was very bad. A nice but terrified woman on the dragging boat asks if I would board and stop her boat. There wasnt much time...I said' "just put it in forward and motor forward straight into the wind". "What's forward"she says.
Biscayne Bay is nice and we enjoyed cruising the northern keys with Lisa's mom and dad for a week after the show.
Next stop Ft. Lauderdale for some maintainance. Then Jupiter, Cape Canaveral and north for our first time in the ditch. I tell seems easier to cross the Atlantic than paying all so much attention to navigating the intercoastal. I think we prefer the blue-er water.
We are currently back in Buffalo hard at work and plan to reboard in October for a winter of additional adventures.
If any of you in blogland have any questions or comments about any aspects of our 10000 mile journey, feel free to contact us.
gary and lisa


OK, it's been a while. Here's the update for Captains Gary and Lisa and the adventures of SIYASINANA. We cruised the Bahamas (Abacos, Berries and Nassua) for 10 weeks. Fishing was a blast. We troll with reels as well as just plain 50 lb. line connected to a bungee. On our short list of "must haves" is the plastic fishing belt with hinged rod holder. Our stomachs were black and blue from wedging the rod into our bellies and fighting with all we had. The program is...we take turns each time a fish hits. The other tries to slow the boat, turn into the wind, use reverse and generally do whatever one can to assist landing the thing. We now know that the sharks want the fish as badly as we.
On the way to Bimini, we anchored in the middle of the bank in 7 ft. of water, far far from any land. It's a strange sensation. Lisa was sure we'd be run down or attacked by drug smugglers. Every time I located a spot to drop she says "we'll definitely get run over here". Hmmm. So, I found a spot on the chart marked "danger/shoal/aviod", motored cautiously to the middle of it and anchored in a wonderful little sand patch with no rocks anywhere around us. This, I reasoned, would limit the folks runnin us over to only navigational idiots.
Bimini was great and we stayed on a dock for 3 nights prepping to cross for the Miami Boat Show.

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