S/V Sjokolade

Intermittent thoughts on my Journey to the Deep Blue Sea.

Vessel Name: Sjokolade
Vessel Make/Model: 1982 Morgan 383
Hailing Port: Bayfield, WI
Crew: Rolf Peterson
About: Departed August 22nd, 2015 for Annapolis MD via L. Superior, Huron, Erie, Erie Canal, Hudson River, NYC, and Atlantic Ocean. Currently stopping in Pensacola for awhile.
15 December 2016 | Pensacola
11 July 2016 | Bean Compound
09 March 2016 | Pensacola
29 February 2016 | Matecumbe Harbor
27 February 2016 | No Name Harbor
25 February 2016 | Dinner Key Marina
31 January 2016 | Dinner Key
28 January 2016 | Fort Pierce
27 January 2016 | Indian River
22 January 2016 | Georgetown, SC
21 January 2016 | Little River Inlet
16 January 2016 | Beaufort, NC
12 January 2016 | North River (near Kittyhawk!)
07 January 2016
04 January 2016
08 December 2015
17 November 2015 | Solomons, MD
13 November 2015
10 November 2015
02 November 2015 | Solomons, MD
Recent Blog Posts
15 December 2016 | Pensacola

Back to the Boat

I have been "working on the boat" for about a month now in Pensacola. My working days run from about noon until eight in the evening, well after dark here. My first goal was to get a working bilge pump with completely new wiring so it would be fully functional, unlike the old pump. The boat was on [...]

11 July 2016 | Bean Compound

Land home

Working on the Outlaw Inn in MN this summer - a 2 unit bunkhouse for my sister in law and me and our spouses, hence the name Outlaw Inn. It will be a replacement for our 40-50 year old campers and something more comfortable and bug-proof for our summers in MN. So I might try some blogging on this topic [...]

09 March 2016 | Pensacola

Miami to Pensacola

Too long between postings, much has happened. I added an album with pictures for the Miami to Pensacola legs.

Anchor and Bimini

24 April 2015 | On the Hard, Bayfield WI
Picked up my new anchor, a Spade S100 (44 lbs) last night and assembled it today. Very heavy, I hope my windlass is up to the task. I am excited to expect better performance than from my 35 lb CQR with its bent shaft. I will use the CQR as part of the mooring for LadyBug.

Ordered my Bimini from Sailrite, arriving next week in time to bring up to the boat and install the tubing and measure.

Still no further word from Barkers on standing rigging and re-wiring costs.... I am leaning heavily towards a gale-sail + new main rather than an inner foresail and my very worn-out main.

Tomorrow I service the outboards for both LadyBug and the dingy - I really want to be able to use the 9.9 on the dingy but I'll need to resolve the tubing leaks before I feel confident about that.

Journey So Far
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Projects I've worked on while in Pensacola
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Created 15 December 2016
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Photos taken along the ICW from Solomons to ?
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These are pictures of the projects I am attempting to complete in the Solomons.
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Pictures from the Trip from Bayfield, WI on Lake Superior to Annapolis, MD on the Chesapeake Bay, via Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, the Erie Canal, Hudson River, Atlantic Ocean.
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Pictures of projects done or contemplated
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