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Glassy waters
10/05/2007, Gloucester, MA

The Gulf of Maine looked like glass and we made good time motoring using just one motor. Wondered whether or not anyone has ever motored from Maine to Virginia with just an 8 hp outboard. Picked up a mooring ball at Eastern Point Yacht Club just inside the seawall at Gloucester - nice facilities and very friendly staff, but clearly frequented by a social class above us!

Maine to VA - 2007
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Cape Porpoise
10/04/2007, Cape Porpoise, ME

Nice harbor with friendly people, upscale homes along the shoreline, small grocery store in walking distance, and Secret Service patrolling the harbor near Bush's Walker Point.

Maine to VA - 2007
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10/04/2007, Gulf of Maine

Several birds and Monarch butterflys wanted to take the easy way south.

Maine to VA - 2007
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10/04/2007, Sebasco Harbor, ME

We had a stressful day because of the fog so stopped early at Sebasco Harbor Resort just as the fog was lifting. A hot shower at the fitness center and a nice dinner at the restaurant overlooking the harbor helped us to chill out. The next morning, we saw a rainbow in the fog (fogbow?) as we were getting ready to head out.

Maine to VA - 2007
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Lighthouses everywhere
10/03/2007, Ram Island, ME

Repairs are finished and days are getting short so we are anxious to start heading south even though it is foggy on our day of departure. We have numerous pictures of lighthouses along the way - this one looked kind of ghostly in the fog.

Maine to VA - 2007
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