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New sailors
milepost 469
11/11/2010, Charleston, SC

We're anchored across from the Charleston City Marina and are a little skeptical about the place that we picked to anchor. We'll see how it goes tonight to make sure that our boat stays where we put it before going into town tomorrow. One advantage of camping over sailing is that our camper stays where it is put when you park it for the night.

We enjoyed watching the class of kids sailing 420's here in the harbor with mock races around the buoys, complete with bumping, shouting, and near capsizing.

Bahamas - 2011
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Sunset in the marshes
milepost 420
11/10/2010, South Santee River, SC

Yes, another sunset picture. Coming into Winyah Bay was somewhat of a letdown after the exciting outside passage, but watching the sunset while anchored in the marshes and seeing flocks of migrating birds was beautiful.

We apparently came too far south too fast though, knocking 200 miles off on the ICW with our outside passage. We're now sitting in the cockpit asphyxiating ourselves with a mosquito coil to keep the mosquitoes, no-seeums, and biting flies away.

Bahamas - 2011
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Dolphin escort
11/10/2010, west of Cape Fear

This morning, almost a dozen dolphins were swimming between the hulls and across the front of the hulls. They stayed with us for several miles - maybe because we were sailing faster than normal at 7-10 knots? After hitting 11-13 knots and putting in a reef, we lost them. We usually sail slower and they get bored with us. This time, we got bored watching them, though we did try to get a picture from the little window in the head.

Our destination last night was Charleston, SC. This morning we reevaluated and Ed still wanted to go to Charleston even though we would get there after dark. Lynn wanted to be conservative and go to Winyah Bay to arrive in daylight before the ebb current started. So Ed changed the sails for Winyah Bay. Then we changed again for Charleston. Then we changed again for Winyah Bay. Winyah was the final choice on a bright sunny day after a bumpy night. Our trip into Winyah was much less exciting than coming in on our last trip in stormy weather with a counter current.

Bahamas - 2011
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Overnight passage
11/10/2010, south of Cape Fear

We had a nice screacher sail and then motor sailed starting at 4pm when the wind slacked off and continued motor sailing overnight. It was a little bumpy for a light boat like ours as the wind picked up toward morning. At sunrise, we put the screacher out again since we sail much faster than motoring. It was interesting using the AIS to watch tug and tows, cargo ships, and other sailboats. You can actually have an unofficial "race" as you watch the position of other sailboats, though they can't see you if you don't have a transponder.

P.S. In case you are wondering, a screacher is a head sail that is somewhere between a genoa and a spinnaker.

Bahamas - 2011
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Do you have a plan,? Well, not exactly...
11/10/2010, east of Beaufort, NC

Ed is checking the charts. The weather looked good, so we thought we would head out and then south and see what happens. We left Beaufort, NC about noon and actually caught up with a few boats that had left earlier.

Bahamas - 2011
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