Wandering along the East Coast and Bahamas

23 October 2016 | Mill Creek, Reedville, VA
23 October 2016 | Mill Creek, Reedville, VA
21 October 2016 | Mill Creek, Solomons, MD
20 October 2016 | La Trappe Creek, Choptank River, MD
19 October 2016 | Cambridge, MD
18 October 2016 | Cherry Point, Little Choptank River, MD
17 October 2016 | Solomons Island, MD
16 October 2016 | Honga River, MD
16 October 2016 | Chesapeake Bay at the Potomac River
15 October 2016 | Little Wicomico River, VA
14 October 2016 | Deltaville, VA
04 October 2016 | Deltaville, VA
26 July 2016 | Deltaville, VA
15 July 2016 | Lancaster, VA
03 June 2016 | Lancaster, VA
02 June 2016 | Portsmouth, VA
02 June 2016 | Albemarle Chesapeake Canal, VA
02 June 2016 | Currituck Sound, VA
01 June 2016 | Coinjock, NC
01 June 2016 | Coinjock, NC

Peace at last

23 October 2016 | Mill Creek, Reedville, VA
As much as we like sailing, a quiet anchorage at the end of the day and a glass of wine make me happy.

Brisk and bouncy

23 October 2016 | Mill Creek, Reedville, VA
After spending two nights in Solomons waiting for the cold front to pass, we headed out and bounced down the bay looking through a window covered with salt spray from the brisk sail in 20+ knot winds. Our peaceful anchorage at Mill Creek in Reedville was a welcome relief.

Last of the sunny warm weather

21 October 2016 | Mill Creek, Solomons, MD
Looks like our record warm temperatures are going to be replaced by typical chilly October weather when this cold front comes through. Time to head back south.

For the birds

20 October 2016 | La Trappe Creek, Choptank River, MD
Our anchorage just inside the entrance to La Trappe creek was filled with gaggles of geese, flights of cormorants, and a raft of loons. Also spotted were Great Blue Herons along the shoreline and a Bald Eagle flying overhead. The quiet of the day was occasionally pierced by the squawking of geese flying overhead and the sound of gunfire from a nearby duck blind.

La Trappe Creek is a very pretty creek with historic estate-type homes near the mouth of the creek and newer somewhat less attractive mansion-type homes farther in. At the head of the creek is Dickerson Harbor. When our dinghy trip up the creek was over, the serenity of the anchorage replaced any house envy we might have had.

Dump and fill

19 October 2016 | Cambridge, MD
Today was our day to take care of boat chores such as pumpout, water fill, quick load of laundry, and plug in to charge the battery. We rewarded ourselves with a walk around town and dinner out.

Note to Dave (I can't seem to make a comment myself): This skipjack is "Nathan of Dorchester" that was built in 1994 as an oyster dredge boat. It is based right there in Cambridge and is open to the public for sailing tours.
Vessel Name: Skydusky
Vessel Make/Model: Maine Cat 30
Hailing Port: Lancaster, VA
Crew: Ed and Lynn
About: We live on Myer Creek near the Corrotoman River, Rappahannock River, and Chesapeake Bay. Come and visit and we'll have a cold beer waiting for you!
Extra: Skydusky is named for Skydusky Hollow in Bland County, VA where we used to go caving when we were younger and in our prime.
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