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Dodging iguanas
02/03/2011, Little Farmers Cay, Exumas

We weighed anchor and headed for Little Farmers Cay, but we had to make a stop at Leaf Cay to show Karl and Nancy the iguanas. This aggressive iguana had Karl backing up on the beach.

Following another boat towing C-Class racing boat "Touch Me Not" across an unmarked route on the shallow banks, we had a beautiful sail to Little Farmers Cay. That makes two nice sailing days in a row.

Bahamas - 2011
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House guests
02/02/2011, Lee Stocking Cay, Exumas

Friends Karl and Nancy came down to George Town to join us for a week in the sunny Bahamas. Wind wasn't good for heading to Long Island, so we headed back up north to Lee Stocking Cay and did some beachcombing where we found some newly cracked conch shells. That was a little strange because there is a no catch zone around Lee Stocking because of the Marine Institute. They were pretty anyway and may make a nice conch horns.

With four people on the boat now, we have to make a couple of shuttle trips in our small dinghy to get everyone ashore. We have a serious case of dinghy envy when we see other inflatables with four people, groceries, and a dog zipping across the water on plane.

Bahamas - 2011
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Socializing on the beach
01/31/2011, George Town, Exuma

On happier subjects, George Town is the mecca for cruisers escaping winter - they call it adult daycare here. We decided to be brave and took the dinghy across the harbor to do some socializing. We had beers with Mike and Polli on Chinook (friends from the Northern Neck), and then went to a gathering of Chesapeake cruisers on the volleyball beach with $8 rum drinks from the beach bar. It was a fun ride back across the harbor on a black night trying to figure out where our boat was located.

Bahamas - 2011
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02/02/2011 | Dave
Sounds like fun; couldn't find the trail of crumbs? Glad you're having a good time!
02/07/2011 | Ed
Have not heard from you in a week. Hope you are having fun???
More sad evidence of Haitians in distress
01/30/2011, George Town, Exuma

Apparently, for the past 5 or 6 years, the discovery of Haitian boats has not been as common as in the past. That may be changing as we saw this boat at the government dock in George Town. A local policeman said there had been 65 people on board. It appears to be a well-made wooden boat. The mast with sails had been sawn off and is laying on the rocks beside the boat.

Bahamas - 2011
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02/02/2011 | Dave
Dang! 65 people on that? Yeah. . .
Dinghy challenged in George Town
01/29/2011, George Town, Exuma

We went out Rat Cay Cut with more ebb current against wind than what we would have liked (we were a little early for slack tide) but it wasn't a problem and then had a great sail on a beam reach down to George Town. Seeing the number of boats anchored here is truly impressive after seeing such little activity after leaving Florida. With wind from the NE, we nevertheless anchored on the SW side of the harbor because it was close to town and our dinghy is too small for long drives. Maybe next year, Ed can get a bigger, more powerful dinghy. ;-)

This is the bridge that you go under to get to the dinghy dock at the grocery store. We did a quick stock up on cash from the ATM (most places charge 5% for using credit cards), groceries, beer, wine, water, and gas. The dinghy was riding very low.

There was some excitement on the dinghy dock, though, when a cruiser appeared with box wine - we had been to three liquor stores and hadn't found any. He told us where it was (the only liquor store we hadn't checked) so we went to get some before the word spread and it was gone.

Bahamas - 2011
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01/30/2011 | Kathy B
Already planning that trip next year, eh ;-)
Sounds like you are having a great time.

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