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Skydusky's view
07/15/2016, Lancaster, VA

At Home on the Chesapeake
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07/17/2016 | Bob
Skydusky is home again
06/03/2016, Lancaster, VA

With a couple of long outside runs and a visit to the Outer Banks we managed to stay one step ahead of tropical storm Bonnie and avoided some parts of the ICW that we don't like to do (SC's high current anchorages, NC's restricted bridges, Myrtle Beach's rockpile, and the 21-mile long Alligator-Pungo canal). All in all an easy trip back up the coast!

Bahamas - 2016
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06/03/2016 | Dave
Easy is good, in this case. Welcome home! Oh, and thanks for all the pics & commentary!
06/04/2016 | Bob
Yes, it was good to see you guys at the beach.
Portsmouth free dock
Milepost 1
06/02/2016, Portsmouth, VA

Portsmouth has a couple of basins along the Elizabeth River with free dock space. We chose the north basin this time because we need to do a pumpout in the morning but it isn't as nice or protected from wakes as the south basin. However, we don't want to complain about free!

Bahamas - 2016
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Tugs, the good and the bad
Milepost 14
06/02/2016, Albemarle Chesapeake Canal, VA

The good: Captain of Tug Paradise Creek told us to follow him and we would get through all of the bridges.

The bad: His prop wash boiled up a log that we hit hard.

Bahamas - 2016
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06/04/2016 | Bob
We stopped at the lock in Great Bridge to see what it was all about. No sooner had we gotten to the little observation platform when we saw the bridge open for a tug and barge similar to what you have pictured come through the bridge and into the lock followed by three power boats and a sailboat. We watched them all log through. Unfortunately, I left my radio in the car so I didn't get to hear the conversations. It was an interesting process to see.
Milepost 32
06/02/2016, Currituck Sound, VA

Clouds, rain, and fog are getting a little old. It's hard to see the channel markers with 1/4 mile visibility. After getting passed by a string of go-fast power boats (including one who couldn't see the channel and went aground) we were finally passed by a slower sailboat so we have someone to lead the way through the soup for awhile.

Bahamas - 2016
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