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Back on the Bay
05/05/2012, Chesapeake Bay, VA

We're finally cruising again. Last week Ed went up the mast with a tight belay and didn't fall down or hurt himself. He installed the new wind instrument and added a new radar reflector. The new TV antenna didn't work so as usual, there is still something left on the to-do list.

We're going up the bay to St. Michaels for Karl's "Boats on the Bay" week of vacation.

At Home on the Chesapeake
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Good thing we're legal
04/11/2012, Lancaster, VA

It was a blustery day, so we were the only ones out on the water for the Coast Guard patrol. Just as we were turning into Myer Creek, we snagged a crab pot with the port motor so had to idle down and unwrap the line from the prop. Ed had just finished doing that when the Coast Guard sped by and noticed that we were conveniently stopped for them. The youngsters were polite and friendly and checked everything on their list (life jackets, throwable device, fire extinguishers, horn, flares, holding tank, placards, documentation number) and luckily didn't find any violations. After they left, we put the outboards in gear to go the last half mile but to our dismay, the starboard motor would only run in reverse so we had to limp home using just the port motor. It seems the fun never ends!

At Home on the Chesapeake
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04/15/2012 | Dave
Obviously the starboard motor is jealous of the all the attention received by the port/crabpot incident. Good luck; hoping its a simple cheap fix!
All spiffed up and ready to go
04/11/2012, Deltaville, VA

Skydusky has been out of the water for almost 8 months. That's way too long. She looks pretty good freshly washed and waxed and with new bottom paint. Ed still has to go up the mast to make the repairs he was making when he took his tumble last summer though.

We had a bumpy ride directly into the wind and waves blowing down the Rappahannock to get her back home where she belongs.

At Home on the Chesapeake
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Surviving the storm
08/29/2011, Deltaville, VA

We hauled Skydusky in Deltaville and discovered that one of our mini-keels had fallen off somewhere between here and the Bahamas. It's always interesting to see what surprises are in store when the travel lift raises the boat out of the water. After Irene blew through, we drove over to check for storm damage and spotted two more Maine Cats here out of the water. The only damage was losing the TV antenna that Ed had gone up the mast to fix two months ago when he fell. It's going to be an expensive antenna by the time we're done!

At Home on the Chesapeake
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08/31/2011 | Bob
I was glad that Skydusky was out of the water for Irene. You hadn't mentioned it.
Skydusky at the dock
04/13/2011, Lancaster, VA

The waterline is pretty high at the moment after hauling a boatload of junk off the boat and into the house. Now starts the mammoth job of making everything clean and shiny again.

At Home on the Chesapeake
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04/13/2011 | Barbara
Beautiful photo- love the colors! Have fun at picnic.
04/19/2011 | Polli
WOW!! What a picture!! It rivals many from the Bahamas. We're anchored just past Shallotte Inlet, NC tonight, going to Wrightsville Beach tomorrow to wait out another storm. I hope we'll be home by next Wed. Still having fun, but we miss reading your fun blog stories!! See you soon...

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