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Smoke - N - Blues
Racer converted to a cruiser
12/19/2011 Run Off The Road
12/01/2011 Just When You Think
10/10/2011 New Name "Trouble"
10/05/2011 Broken Thing Again
10/03/2011 Broken Thing
10/02/2011 Tres Hermanas Ride
10/01/2011 Southbound HO
09/25/2011 10,000 feet here we come
09/24/2011 Dirt Dinghy Cruising
03/11/2011 Hanging Out In Sierra Vista, AZ
12/01/2010 Arrival at Bill & Linda's House
11/19/2010 Safford AZ to Double Adobe AZ
11/13/2010 Green River, Moab, Bluff
11/12/2010 Every Sailors Nightmare
11/12/2010 Duchesne to Green Ricer
10/21/2010 Released To Travel
10/19/2010 Jodee's Emergency Gall Bladder Removal
10/04/2010 Hip Replacement Day
09/28/2010 Road Trip To Twin Pinnacles
09/26/2010 Road Trip To Moon Lake
09/20/2010 If it is too good to be true it usually is
09/20/2010 Utah State Fair Bound
09/10/2010 October 4th The Big Day
09/06/2010 Waiting For Surgery Date
09/06/2010 On The Road Again
08/17/2010 The Health Saga Continues
08/15/2010 Hang out and wait
08/08/2010 Pat's BBQ Fundraiser
08/02/2010 Russ and the VA
07/09/2010 US Bathrooms vs. Mexican Bathrooms
07/09/2010 Hip Replacement ?????
07/02/2010 Dead Man Walking
06/18/2010 Flagstaff Arizona to Vancouver, Washington
05/31/2010 Los Algodones Baja Mexico
05/30/2010 Better Learn Spanish Or Else
05/29/2010 Nogales, Airzona Here We Come
05/23/2010 Tequila in Tequila Mexico
05/22/2010 Dinner at The Fat Fish
05/21/2010 Taco Attacked In Machado Plaza
05/21/2010 Road Trip To Mazatlan
05/21/2010 Putting Smoke-N-Blues to bed
05/09/2010 Mazatlan to Topolobampo
05/07/2010 Topolobampo Farmers Market
05/06/2010 When in doubt HEAD OUT
05/03/2010 Nidart / Boat Survey
05/03/2010 For The First Time In Mexico
04/30/2010 Exit Stage Left - Port Closure
04/28/2010 Tel Cell and Mega Grocery Store
04/27/2010 A Great Sail To Remember
04/26/2010 Spank Your Mama Fish Tacos (Third Day)
04/25/2010 We Found What We Were Looking For
04/24/2010 Miserable Ride To Isla Isabella
04/23/2010 Chinese Dinner In Small Town Mexico
04/23/2010 Clean Up After The Yard / Sea Preparation
04/22/2010 Houston We Have A Launch
04/21/2010 Pay The Marina, Possible Launch
04/18/2010 Sand Be Gone
04/17/2010 Monitor Windvane Re-installation
04/16/2010 Water Runs
04/16/2010 Yeah!! No More Sanding
04/12/2010 Ticked On Or Ticked Off.
04/11/2010 Inland Trip To Pinatedero
04/06/2010 Living With Sand
04/06/2010 Sand Blasting and Chipping
04/04/2010 Friends Are Family
03/31/2010 Toilet Papered In Paradise
03/28/2010 A Day In A Life On The Hard
03/28/2010 Cruisers Midnight
03/28/2010 Holly Week in San Blas Nayarit, Mexico
03/27/2010 Yeah, Another Pot Luck
03/25/2010 Haul Out Conundrum
03/25/2010 Self Proclaimed Gatekeeper
03/25/2010 How Do You Spell Harry?
03/17/2010 Cruisers Beware
03/17/2010 Haul Out In San Blas
03/14/2010 Chip & Dip Night
03/14/2010 San Blas Cruisers Guide Hits The Big Time
03/12/2010 Soggy Carpet Bottom
03/08/2010 Fuel Bladder Education
03/07/2010 San Blas City Tour / Free of Charge
03/06/2010 San Blas Gate Keeper
03/05/2010 Tepic Here We Come
03/04/2010 Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
02/28/2010 Tsunami Came and Gone
02/23/2010 Air Boat On The Estuary
02/21/2010 Curiser Potluck & Mexican Wedding
02/21/2010 Lightning Bolt Explosions
02/19/2010 Let hear it for the windless
02/18/2010 High Performance Cruiser For Sale
02/15/2010 Valentines Dinner
02/13/2010 The Joys Of Weighing Anchor
02/10/2010 Artisan Bread / Mexican Boarders
02/10/2010 Super Bowl Sunday / My Birthday
02/10/2010 Pot Lucks and Fireworks
02/09/2010 Water Fight Pangas
02/04/2010 Fly's, Fly's Everywhere
02/03/2010 Bacon, Bacon, Oh Yeah did I mention Bacon
02/03/2010 Rainy Days, Stormy Nights
01/27/2010 Bird Festival
01/27/2010 Bakery And Pork
01/21/2010 Rearrange contents or rearrange furniture
01/20/2010 Jerry Jug Water Runs
01/18/2010 Just another boat day
01/17/2010 Communications Set Up Day
01/16/2010 San Blas Jungle River Trip
01/15/2010 Girls Day In San Blas
01/14/2010 "Party For The Kids"
01/13/2010 Cemetery, Old Church, Fort
01/10/2010 Crusing 20 years ago verses crusing now
01/08/2010 San Blas Estuary River Trip
01/07/2010 "Third Day" $ .05 Cent Plaza Tour
01/06/2010 Everyday Living
01/05/2010 Anchorage At San Blas Mexico
01/02/2010 Deck Washing With Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap
12/31/2009 New Years Eve Day and Night
12/30/2009 Girls Day Out
12/28/2009 Thank Goodness for Good Bus Systems
12/27/2009 Friends, Dinner, Music
12/25/2009 Christmas Day
12/24/2009 Russ's Birthday / Christmas
12/23/2009 Fur Kids Go To Town
12/22/2009 Nidart Leather Art
12/18/2009 Mazatlan Crossing
12/17/2009 The Saga Continues
12/07/2009 Just When You Think Everything Is Going Smoothly
12/06/2009 Running Into Friends From The States
12/05/2009 Lumpy Bumpy Ride
11/30/2009 Goat Cheese & Fresh Tortillas
11/26/2009 Thanksgiving with Hidden Port Yacht Club
11/25/2009 Good Friends, Hot Tea, Spa Day
11/23/2009 Internet Issues
11/21/2009 Loretto Shopping
11/20/2009 Sleepy Sail
11/19/2009 Towing Dive Plane
11/11/2009 Today is Fix It Day
10/01/2009 Back to Mexico and the Sea of Cortez
06/08/2009 Copper Canyon, Mexico - USA, Nogales
04/07/2009 Lavac head (toilet) took a break
01/07/2009 Mexico Here We Come
11/22/2008 Smoke-N-Blues Cruise
Smoke-N-Blues at Moro Bay, CA
Who: Capt. Russ Fields, Co-Capt. Jodee Fields, Taco & Lucy guard dogs.
Port: Sparks, NV
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