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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain
Michelle/sunny about 85F
05/03/2011, Lynnyard Cay

Joshua practicing his swimming skills. He loves to swim. He actually does a pretty good job kicking and splashing, which is about all you can expect for his age. There is one small problem though, as my sister says he is a natural afterall look at who his mom is, he has no fear and if he sees something on the bottom he tries to dive down for it. He is constantly trying to stick his face in but he does not hold his breath, he instead tries to drink the water. I am working on getting him to hold his breath because then I can let him go and see what he can do.

05/06/2011 | Gigi
OMG! The water is gorgeous. Josh only needs to swallow the sea water once. Then he will remember not to do it again.
Mike/ 70s wind E 10-15 seas 3-5ft
05/03/2011, Offshore Georgia

So we left Fernandina beach Florida at 10 am heading out offshore to Savannah GA. Fernandina was crazy it just happen to be the weekend of the Shrimp Festival. Im sure you can google it to find out all about it. Its really an excuse to sell a bunch of fried food, souviniers and crafts. So we went offshore for two reasons, one was to get out of the ICW and sail (we are a sailboat after all) and save some diesel fuel, the other was to get out of the ICW to aviod the many shallow areas of GA. So at about 6pm a little land bird(if anyone can ID what kind it is you get a prize) flew into the cabin while me michelle and josh were inside, it scared the hell out of us. He came back many times and landed on deck and in the cockpit and also got inside again. So the door stayed in for the rest of the night. I thought he was all done once it looked like he went into the water, but he came back again. He was obviosly exhausted and could not get back to land. He was so tired he sat right next to me for a while even landing on my leg once. He finally tucked himself in behind one of the cockpit coushions on top of some rope for the night. I tucked him in and put a tshirt over the whole he went in to keep it dark and so he wouldn't fly away in the middle of the night before we got near land. He stayed in there from about 730pm untill 630am the next morning when we were just off the Savannah river. I uncoverd him and tried to give him some water but he wouldn't take any, then flew off toward land. He's 100 miles from home but I'm pretty sure he'll be fine. Except for that the trip was uneventfull we got up to Savannah at 10am and tied up to the town dock. Now every thing I found about this dock said it was strictly first come first served no reservations. When we arrived I called the # on a sign to check in and was told that the dock would be closed from 5pm that night it was reserved for a 200ft cruise ship, so much for first come first served. But since we were the only boat here they said if I moved all the way to the far end we could stay. Luckily because all the other docks here are very expensive from $2.50 to $5.00 per ft and the town dock is $1.50 per ft and ther is no anchorage and we realy wanted to see Savannah. From here we will do a few days up the ICW to Charlston SC were we will stop for a few. By the way we might have to turn the heat back on, they are saying it could go into the low 50s or high 40s the next few nights, so maybee we are going the wrong direction.

05/03/2011 | Gigi
At least it is smaller than the pelicans.
05/03/2011 | tricia
Funny story Mike. You always seem to have a run in with birds. My guess is he is some sort of a sparrow, but I cant be more specific....
05/03/2011 | tricia
Funny story Mike. You always seem to have a run in with birds. My guess is he is some sort of a sparrow, but I cant be more specific....
05/07/2011 | mimi
Joshua's first pet!!!!
Hanging with Tweety

A picture of me and my new friend.

05/03/2011 | GIGI
Mike, I hope the bird is the pic and I cant see it. Otherwise your "friend" is invisible. This might happen when you have been out to see for a long time.
Love, GIGI
05/03/2011 | Michelle
GiGi, you have to look really close. Tweety is sitting on the handheld radio on the top of the pillow on the cushion.
05/03/2011, Atlantic Ocean

My little friend in his house in the morning. You can also see the little cup of water I gave him but he wasnt thirsty.

05/03/2011 | Gigi
Nice save Mike!

Love, Gigi
Joshua and the star fish

We found a small star fish while swimming at Lynyard Cay. Mike picked it up and let Joshua touch it.

05/01/2011 | tricia
WOW, this is one of the coolest pics. You will need to print it out and hang it up when you come back to boston. That is going to be such a neat picture for Josh to have of himself when he gets older!

The dingy anchored off Lynyard Cay while we swam.

05/02/2011 | Gigi
What a beautiful spot!

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