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Our Sea Era
SoCal SoGood's Photos - Our Sea Era (Main)
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Our Sea Era 00192: Beach from path to dinghy beach
Our Sea Era 00194: Jan and Vivian at dinghy beach with our dinghy with our dinghy in front
Our Sea Era 00197: Tortilla shop in La Cruz
Our Sea Era 00198: Huge bouganvilla at house in La Cruz
Our Sea Era 00182: Front of restaurant on beach
Our Sea Era 00186: Us infront of our boats
Our Sea Era 00187: SoCal SoGood from the restaurant on the beach
Our Sea Era 00188: Restaurant where we had a great fish lunch (plus cerveza of course)
Our Sea Era 00175: Chacala fishing village, neat houses with pretty ironworks on gates and fences
Our Sea Era 00176: Chacala house
Our Sea Era 00177: Chacala - beautiful wood doors
Our Sea Era 00165: Iguana
Our Sea Era 00155: Las Monas (the maniquins)at Isla Isabela, where we anchored
Our Sea Era 00163: Male frigate with puffed up chest
Our Sea Era 00164: Fishing camp at Isla Isabela
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Created 17 June 2008
120 Photos
Created 17 June 2008
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Created 1 March 2008
The first album is full so we have create another. It will include lower part of Mex. and begin the rest of Cental America
120 Photos
Created 25 February 2008
SoCal SoGood
Who: Pat and Rich Merrall
Port: San Diego, Ca
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