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So Inclined
So Inclined is Headed North
06/23/2011, Condo San Carlos

So Inclined is headed north. She was loaded this morning and pulled out around 9A. It was fun seeing how they did it.

It will be a race to see which of us crosses the boarder first. Both of us will hopefully be back on the US side tomorrow but I'll get back to SD/Oceanside well before she does.

Made it in to Guaymas yesterday afternoon with Swift Current and Taking Flight. Bought my bus tiket for today, saw the sights (I'll try and post some pics later), had a beer, and then came back for dinner at the Marina Cantina.

I'll be checking out of the condo here in a bit and start making my way to Hermasillo where I'll spend the night and fly out tomorrow morning.

06/30/2011 | Steve Cook
Hey Mike, Glad you got everything taken care of. I'm in MSC and decided to leave Si Bon in the water for the hurricane season. Gonna run up to the Marina Cantina for a creveza shortly.
Nearly Ready to Ship
06/22/2011, Marina Seca, San Carlos

The mast came out today without too much effort. I did have to uninstall my freezer and wrestle with one tough pin--but only one. Spent most of the rest of the day stowing things down below. I am making final preparations hoping So Inclined heads for the boarder Thursday. I've booked a flight home for Friday. It's been a long day but it sure is nice to come home to air conditioning.

06/22/2011 | Janet
This kind of makes me sad - it's saying goodbye to such an awesome adventure and I hate goodbyes. Super happy for you that it's been a good experience though and looking forward to having you around the club and cruising SoCal again. Travel safe (you and So Inclined!)
So Inclined Hauled Out Today
06/20/2011, On the hard, Marina Seca, San Carlos

Well I've been working hard most of the week stripping the boat down, cleaning and stowing things, getting her ready to truck home. Today she was hauled out of the water using the hydraulic trailer (that's how they do it here). Dave and Carra (and Anne), Taking Flight, gave me a hand. Once out of the water the tractor pushes the trailer with boat on it down the road to Marina Seca yard. Quite a thing to see--especially making the left turn in front of oncoming car traffic.

So Inclined is now positioned beneath the crane and will have the mast pulled tomorrow.

I've checked into a hotel--airconditioned!!!!!!!!-- and with an ocean view so it is quite a treat. (better than staying on the boat where it will surely get over 100F down below).

Howard and Lynn, Swift Current just pulled in today. Going to try and catch up with them and Taking Flight for dinner. Time to relax a little.....

Prepping in San Carlos
06/14/2011, Marina San Carlos

I arrived in San Carlos yesterday (an easy 6nm). Looks like my SPOT tracker batteries were too weak to send out a position. Also had trouble with my refrigeration for a night--but it now looks to be working again. Only minor inconveniences.

I've been working on the boat--stripping her down and getting her ready to truck back. It's a bit of work taking everything down/off--especially in the heat. Luckily I've got time to take it slow and am trying to use it as an opportunity to clean/inspect things as I go. The hardest thing is stowing so much down below while trying to live in the same space.

I am making good progress and planning to venture further into town and even Guaymas in the next day or two. What I've seen so far I like: a desert mexican town--with a lot of gringos around.

I am scheduled to get hauled out on the 20th, the mast pulled the 21st and start trucking back on the 23rd. Hopefully I'll be back in SD (actually going to Driscol's Mission Bay) before the 4th of July and get to cruise in SD for a while.

06/14/2011 | Gordon & Michelle Jenkins
Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your adventures first hand.
06/15/2011 | Mark R
See you back home soon, Mike!
06/16/2011 | Janet
good luck with all the logistics! enjoy Guaymas - we loved it. See you soon!
Made it Across
06/11/2011, Bahia Algodones

I had a good crossing today. Actually got to sail about half the time. Winds were less than 15 knots apparent all day and seas were pretty flat--except for the middle where it was a little lumpy. Saw lots of flying fish, turtles, and dolphin. All in all a great day. About 12-1/2 hours and 70 nm.

The anchorage I had planned to spend the night at was pretty full with partying power boats, jet skis, etc. (pretty common for a nice accessible bay on the weekend in Mexico--I should have known.) I am all for a good party but after sitting there a while and watching more boats pull in and the jet skis churning up the water, I weighed anchor and moved to the other side. There are still jet skis here but not as many. You'd think they'd stop when it gets dark, but no, they don't. Hopefully they won't run into So Inclined (or anybody else).

I made a nice fish taco dinner out of some trigger fish Dave and I caught in San Juanico including some homemade tortillas (I did OK, I still need more practice). Had my celebratory rum and coke (and a shot of tequila) and hoping for a good night's rest. Also thinking about friends like Pacifico and Sirocco starting their bash back today and wishing them a safe passage.

06/12/2011 | Debbie Chesney
Turtles and dolphins... wow, sounds amazing!
06/13/2011 | Anne Chase
I'm impressed!! Homemade totillas?!?! Fabulous.
btw, Tom and I are now in Wilmington, N.C. Just moved over a few weeks ago. So happy to be back by the water!
You be safe and take care. We miss you!
06/14/2011 | mike cobas
Q: are you a cruiser who works or a worker who cruises ?? lol got u on the radar ..continued safe passage
Staged for Crossing the Sea Tomorrow
06/10/2011, 27 10.81'N:112 3.93'W, Puerto Viejo, Isla San Marcos

After a nice sail today, including some playful dolphins along the way, I am now back up in the anchorage on the south end of Isla San Marcos, Puerto Viejo, staged and ready to cross the Sea. I plan to leave around 0530 in the morning and hope to make it to Bahia Algodones (near San Carlos) in about 12 to 14 hours (~70 nm). The weather forecast (who knows what it will actually be) looks good and should be pretty much a daylight crossing because of the long days.

Yesterday I had the unexpected surprise Randy from Makana stopping by. We�'re on the same dock back in Oceanside and is down here cruising too. I had not seen Randy since La Cruz. We swapped stories and caught up a bit. He was anchored in Satispac and was dinghing around when he recognized So Inclined.

There were 8 boats anchored in El Burro last night. I got some trucking tips from Safety Cat and weather info from Latest Caper, Jean and Gary, who were in the slip next to us in Paradise. Fun how you keep crossing paths.

Hopefully I�'ll get a good night�'s sleep tonight. It�'s going to be a long day tomorrow.

06/11/2011 | Mark R
Safe sailing, Mike!

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