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So Inclined
Puerto Viejo
06/03/2011, 27 10.84'N:112 3.94'W, Puerto Viejo, Isla San Carlos

Today I moved down to Puerto Viejo a remote anchorage south of Santa Rosalia. It feels good to get out of the marina and back out on the water and into an anchorage. This anchorage is not much to talk about. It┬'s on the south end of Isla San Marcos , a small island where they have an open Gypsum mine. Luckily the wind was blowing from the north east so the anchorage isn┬'t dusty, just a little rolly. I wanted to check it out as a possible staging stop for my crossing over to San Carlos in about a week.

Turns out my friend Bill won┬'t be able to come down after all. Looks like I get to single hand the final legs of my Mexico 2010/11 adventure. Should be fun.

I am headed back to Bahia Conception to explore more of the bays there. Talked to Blue Rode and Swift Current on the VHF this afternoon. They are spending the night at Santa Domigo and moving most likely to Santispac (in Bahia Conception), where I plan to meet them there tomorrow. It will be fun catching up and sharing more good times.

The pork chops are about done on the BBQ (love these long days!). Going to make another margarita and plan to get an early start tomorrow to Bahia Conception.

Karen Heads Home
06/01/2011, Santa Rosalia

Karen headed back home to La Cruz last night. Getting home will be no easy feat: an overnight bus to La Paz followed by 2 flights/3 stops to PV. (Mexico is not all that well connected--especially main land to baja). I am going to really miss her. Before she left she taught me how to make foccacia bread and left her recipes for scratch brownies, wheat pancakes, chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. And like every crew before her, made her "special touches" to So Inclined (and me).

Another northerly blow is forecasted for tomorrow so I am staying in Santa Rosalia for more days than I hoped. If all goes well I'll head a little south on Friday, making my way back to Bahia Conception. Hopefully I'll be able to check out a couple of anchorages on the way.

Bill, my friend from Oceanside, is talking about coming down next Tuesday. I'll plan to meet him in Bahia Conception or Mulege. We'll spend some time around there and then make our way across to Guymas/San Carlos and maybe explore some anchorages over there.

I've decided to truck So Inclined home and spend a month cruising SD/Oceanside, returning to work in August. Summer is not the best time to be in Mexico and I've got to get the boat back or I lose my liveaboard slip in Oceanside. Still lots of details to work out--no small feat with limited internet and cell phone service.

06/01/2011 | Penny Delaney
Hey Mike! This is Penny off of Tapatai - I loved reading about your journey since we last saw you. Fred is still onboard, still trying to get up to SD. He has been in Turtle Bay for almost 2 weeks, along with LOTS of other boats waiting for a weather window to head further north on the bash. Please call us when you're in SD - we all want to do a big party!! Stay safe and happy.
06/02/2011 | Janet
Guymas/San Carlos - oh the shrimp are especially fabulous and get a scuba/snorkel trip to Seal Island if you can. You haven't lived until you've been goosed by a seal!
Hasta Luego Pacifico
05/31/2011, Punta Chivato

Sailed (actually motor sailed) down to Punta Chivato with Pacifico last Saturday and had a final Spaghetti dinner together on So Inclined before they headed south to get ready for the bash back home. Karen made scratch brownies for them (us too) - yum. Glad we got to spend some more time buddy boating with Dave and Marisa again. Always a good time.

Karen and I explored the shore line and resort (now closed for the summer) at Punta Chivato before heading back to Santa Rosalia earlier than planned because of some northerly wind predictions. Good thing too. The winds picked up to 25+ knots yesterday. Good time to be in a marina.

06/02/2011 | Dave
Mike, as always it was good to see you and to do some sailing together. We enjoyed meeting Karen (SC) again and have just finished the last brownie. We arrived Marina Palmira La Paz yesterday, Wednesday after an overnighter and are into our projects to get ready to return to Oceanside. See you up there in July!
Bahia Conception to Santa Rosalia
05/27/2011, Santa Rosalia

A couple days ago we left El Burro in Bahia Conception and made the 48 nm trek up to Santa Rosalia. It was a smooth motor sail.

Santa Rosalia is an interesting town. It was an old French copper mining town so besides the remnants of the mining operation/museum it has distinctive architecture: wood buildings and even a church that was designed by Eiffel ad brought over from France.

It also has a bacon wrapped hot dog cart that I guess is a must try. We're going to it tonight.

The weather is getting warm (make that hot). Still not too bad if you stay out of the sun mid day.

Tomorrow, or the next day we'll probably head south with Pacifico, eventually probably going back to Bahia Conception. Bahia Conception has lots of anchorages and lots to explore. The picture is of me swimming with a 15 foot whale shark. Not the best picture but there are some better pictures of the whale shark in the photo gallery.

San Juanico to Bahia Conception

Two days ago Dave and I tried our hand at fishing for reef fish in San Juanico. We caught some red snapper and trigger fish. We had a great dinner that night together on So Inclined with Pacifico and Hancho (Lief and Lisa).

I've had lots of fun in San Juanico but yesterday it was time to head further north with Pacifico. We are now anchored in El Burro in Bahia Conception. We had a nice 9-1/2 hour day trip up. Had dinner at a small restaurant, Bettha's, and got a ride in this morning with the owner, Celia, to Mulege.

Mulage is a small town along a river with lots of palm trees. Visited the mission and wandered the town. The highlight is cell phone and internet! We're al busy trying to catch up--but there won't be time. Oh well.

Saw a whale shark about 15 feet long yesterday. Maybe I'll get a chance to swim with him???

05/24/2011 | Janet Geissmann Grove
Trigger fish and Big red snapper, yummy... and it looks like it was fun catching them too :)
Further up in the Sea
05/21/2011, 26 22.05'N:111 25.89'W, San Juanico

On Tuesday we left Puerto Escondido with Sirocco and Pacifico for Honeymoon Cove but it was full up (it only has room for a few boats). Sirocco decided to start heading south to get ready for the bash while So Inclined and Pacifico are still headed north. We went on to Salinas, a bay on the back side of Isla Carmen. Salinas is a beautiful bay that was once home to a large salt mining operation. It also has a sunken tuna boat in about 30´┐Ż' of water that we snorkeled´┐Ż--lots of fish. The water was still not that warm.

We went into town and with permission of the caretaker we were able to explore the ghost town. It was once quite an operation with bunk houses, church, police station, medical center, tienda, operations center,´┐Ż..... We had fun taking pictures of ourselves where we might have worked had we been there. The operation/town was abandoned in the early 1980´┐Ż's and some of the buildings converted into a hunting and fishing lodge. We also hiked out to the salt flats, collected some salt crystals and saw some of the abandoned equipment. That night Karen made pizza from scratch and we had Pacifico, Dave and Marisa, over for a nice dinner. It was quite a treat. Salinas was a fun stop and nice anchorage.

After one night there we left Salinas and headed to an overnight anchorage on the south end of Isla Coranodos. While it did protect us from some northerly swell and wind we fought against earlier in the day, that night the winds came up from Loreto (the west) and created some swell that made for a bit of a rough night. We left early the next morning for San Juanico´┐Ż--where we have been for the last two nights.

San Juanico is another beautiful bay. It´┐Ż's been calm, and there´┐Ż's lots to do here. Yesterday we placed our boat mementos at the cruisers´┐Ż' shrine ashore, hiked over to the other bay, collected obsidian ´┐Ż"Apache tears´┐Ż", and learned how to snorkel dive for clams´┐Ż--yum.

Still no internet or cell phone (but the water is warmer here). I´┐Ż'll try and post pictures from all of the above as soon as I get some good internet.

We´┐Ż'll probably hang out here for another day (we´┐Ż're having fun) and then head up to Bahia Conception.

05/21/2011 | janet
so much diveristy to be found in the Sea, love it. Happy to hear you are continuing to have fun - keep it up and say hi to Dave and Marisa.

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