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Sailing With Sora
Terry and Karen circumnavigating the globe currently in Phuket, Thailand. Will remain in the area for a refit and some road trips around Asia for a year or so.
Sora's Photos - Lima
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The museum of the Spanish Inquisition...Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!
Not to sure why he
Your wrists aren
The detail in the ceilings was hundres of slaves hundreds of years amazing
Why, thank you airport...
Kinda looks forced, no? Even with the silk pillow, the baby looks like he
What you got there, baby? And why do you look like you could score a 1500 on the SAT?
No religious connotation, but went along with the whole "make the babies look like grown-ups" trend
Picture of JC
The oldest residence in Barranco, and museum of Religious artifacts...oohhhh
The proprieters of the religious artifacts a hat party in the 60
Flying dog Hostel bar in Miraflores around the corner from us
With that in your face, why do you look so angry, baby?
Post dance party at several bars that were way too non-dancy
Curb appeal in Barranco
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Who are we, and just what do we think we're doing?
Who: Terry & Karen Kreitzberg
Port: Pensacola Beach, FL
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